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60 years after Roswell

In July 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a press release saying they had recovered debris of a crashed “flying disc” sparking intense media interest. They later corrected themselves by stating the materials were that of a downed weather balloon.

60 years later, speculation and fascination about the incident continues. Just this week, a peculiar eyewitness report by a retired public relations officer for the base surfaced.


If you’re curious about what people have seen in the sky over the past 60 years, we might have something to keep you busy.

Footnote has free and complete access to more than 129,000 documents of Project Blue Book – investigations conducted by the US Air Force’ from 1947-1969. Note: The original Roswell incident was not covered by this series of investigations. But the reading is fascinating. First-hand accounts from everyone – farmers to fighter pilots.

You can also view more than 1,600 documents that the FBI has released.

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