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Page 5; Photographs of US Army Operations in Vietnam, 1963-1973 continues to add original historical record collections to the site. Adding thousands of records daily, is one of the largest collections of historical records found anywhere on the internet. The following collections are some of the new and updated collections that can be found on

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  1. Please don’t go the way of Ancestry and concentrate primarily on 20th century records for new content acquisition, for people stuck on their grandparents or great-grandparents (who need basic skills and conversation with their cousins).

    The War of 1812 records being digitized would fill a very important need during a time when most serious researchers encounter brick walls. And same for the Mexican War. There is too long of a gap in military coverage between the Revolution and the Civil War.

    However as for records from the 1900s, Footnote’s partnership with Gannett News could be very helpful if all of their newspapers with obits were digitized. Is there any part of your or their site that records the progress of those efforts?


  2. If anyone from the Hudson Valley area, especially Newburgh and Hyde Park, NY, has any memories of Eleanor Roosevelt or had relatives acquainted with her please contact me. I’m a history teacher and National Park Service volunteer collecting oral histories for a series of presentations to teachers. E-mail is

    Thank you@

    Barbara G

  3. I second the request for War of 1812 records. Mexican War and Spanish-American War records would be great, as well.

  4. I recently received an email regarding taking a survey about Footnote but didn’t have time and then somehow misplaced the email. My comments would be about this very subject. I have found a lot of useful information on ancestors with the Texas Death Certificate collection, which was being updated just about every day when I signed on for a year. Shortly thereafter, it reached 64% completion and hasn’t moved since. This has been maybe three or four months. I understand there are tons of records, but I feel like my whole year’s subscription will be ending before my main collection of interest is even updated, let alone complete.