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Footnote gets some ink

Sharron Tate Moody, a reporter and former self-professed skeptic of, took another look at the site this weekend and talks about it in her Tampa Tribune column:

At that time (February 2007), users could subscribe to the site for $9.99 a month or $99 a year. Still skeptical, I wasn’t willing to pay for a year.

I was wrong.

Not only is surviving, it’s thriving. And when was the last time something got better – and cheaper – at the same time? The number of records online has grown consistently and the annual fee is down to $59. Those who paid $99 have received extensions.


Also, Utah-based connect magazine has a short piece in their June issue, which is not yet online: is a history buff’s dream. The site has text-based search options and built-in social functionality allowing users to share comments and tag any document with notes.

Also check out their connectcast to listen into their discussion about Footnote.

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