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Home again

We’re back in the office, making sense of what we learned and making plans to improve the site. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who made our California road trip such a success.

First, thank you to everyone who let us into their homes. It’s quite an act of faith to let a herd of people you don’t know come into your home and look over your shoulder while you work.

Without exception, the people we met with were competent, intelligent, helpful and, on top of it all, very nice. Their thoughtful feedback really helped us understand some fundamental things about the site, and what we can do to make it better.

Thanks to Dick Eastman for all his work to help us find the right people to visit, for providing the level of trust those people needed to let us into their homes, for bringing Wanda, for his insight during the visits and for being fun to hang out with. Poor Dick had to go straight from these visits to a cruise. We wish him every success at the shuffle board and the buffet table.

Thanks also to the folks from the office who could not come, but helped in so many ways: Making arrangements for the trip, making real-time fixes to the site during our visits and making the sacrifice to stay home so that things wouldn’t come to a complete halt while we were gone.

Thanks to our management team for supporting all our efforts to make a site focused on meeting the needs of people who use it.

Here are a couple more pictures from the trip, just for fun.

Dick and Josh Prepare for a Visit

Chris and Roger Taking Notes

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