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Tip Of The Month–March 2009

We received good feedback last month on the tips you would like to see in the future. The most common request was search tips. One search tool that is very beneficial on Footnote is the use of wildcards. We have created a short video that demonstrates how to use wildcards to improve search results.

View the video below:

Try a wildcard search now.


  1. Not all of us have fast internet. I live in an area with only slow landline. After waiting 15 min for the video to load, I gave up. Just make searching easier and faster without so many layers.

  2. The video worked perfectly for me. The speaker’s voice was clear and, once I put the video on full screen, the images were large enough to follow the instructions. Thank you for the search tip.

  3. The video worked perfect for me also. It was a great tip and I’ve found it to be very helpful.

  4. Ditto for Kathleen’s comment. It worked! the video (enlarged screen) was easy to see and follow. The speaker volumn was just right and
    very clear. Thank you for this great information.

  5. I enlarged it and could hear and view it just fine. Good tip.

  6. The video never opened.

  7. Found “Tip of Month-March2009”. what;s it about? Will you please reprint original?, and explanation? Thank you.

  8. Lorraine,

    This tip is contained in the video above. If you click on the image, you should be able to watch the video tip.

    As you may have noticed from the comments above, you aren’t the only person who wished we had provided a text version. We’ve learned our lesson and will try to do better in the future 🙂