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Here at Footnote we enjoy reading about history. Here’s what’s been on our reading table:

Each of these books reveals the history of something we all thought we knew in a fresh way leaving us hungry to learn more.

For example, 1776 tells the dramatic story about the start of the Revolutionary War richly detailed with all of the Colonists missteps, bravery, luck and perseverance.

It was the detail that brought the story to life, a result of tremendous amounts of research.

Inspired, I found myself searching for supporting documents and historic characters on Footnote. For instance, you can find several letters and writings from Nathaniel Greene, Henry Knox, and many others from that era. Jake, our IT guy, created a review of 1776 with some documents he found in the Letters from General George Washington supporting the book.

Because we like to read about history we also encourage people to write about history. And it doesn’t have to be some monumental event.

There is always a story to tell when looking back, whether it be about your own family, a time period, or particular interest you might have.

Try starting a Story Page today and add your footnote to history.


  1. I am currently reading A History of Christianity by Justo Gonzalez. Its pretty excellent.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve read lots of Karen Armstrong but have not yet tried Gonzalez.

  3. As a New Englander, I enjoyed Richard Radune’s Pequot Plantation. I’d put it in the pile as readable history. Available at

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Midge, I will put it on our list.

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