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A brighter Spotlight: Let your discoveries shine

We like to focus on discovery at If you are like us, when you find something important you can’t wait to share it.

We created Spotlights to be a way you could quickly highlight and share your discoveries.

Spotlights don’t have to be of famous people or well-known events. They just have to be something that’s important to you – a document about an ancestorhistorical newspaper article, or just something that made you laugh.

Recently, we started thinking about how to improve Spotlight pages.

We focused on making the page simpler, easier to share and providing more source information.

Some more improvements:

Larger and simpler layout

People love bigger pictures so we increased the size of the Spotlight by 50% on the page. Gives greater emphasis to you your discovery. The right column shows who made the spotlight, the number of views and comments. You can also see the small thumbnails of the last 5 Spotlights by that Footnote member.

Spotlighting sets it Free

Social BookmarksWhen you create a Spotlight from a Premium document it becomes free for everyone that visits the document through that Spotlight. So you don’t have worry about your family or friends not having an All-Access membership to Footnote. Just share it.

By the way, sharing that Spotlight is easier now, too. Send your Spotlight via Facebook, Twitter, email and other social bookmarking websites. In addition, you can easily embed Spotlights on any website or blog using the code supplied in the column.

The Source, of course

Sourcing a document is important. Spotlights automatically show, if known, where the document came from and how it has been categorized on the site.

Move your mouse over the source and you will see a search box that lets you find more images from a specific collection and links to browse more.

More to come

Over the next few months we’ll be trying out some additional tweaks to the new design. There are a few items missing that we’d like to add, and a few more we’d like to enhance. We hope you enjoy the updated Spotlights. Here’s the some of the most popular Spotlights on Footnote this week.

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  1. Great new features! Can’t wait to start using them.