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Civil War Horse Soldier Artifacts Collection

Three-generation Civil War Photo
One of our newest collections on Fold3 is The Civil War Horse Soldier Artifacts Collection. Like the title suggests, this collection contains images of Civil War artifacts from the Horse Solider antique store in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Many of the artifacts are photographs of soldiers, but there are also some images of weapons—like guns and swords—as well as images of belts, drill and tactics manuals, official documents, letters, medals, uniforms, cartridge boxes, mess kits, and other personal effects. Most artifacts included in the collection are accompanied by a detailed written description and history of the item, and many also include a brief biography of the soldier the item belonged to.

Some interesting finds in the Horse Soldier collection include:

.69 caliber rifled-musket

Although we hope that you find something that belonged to one of your Civil War ancestors in the collection, even if you don’t, the artifacts can help you get an idea of the types of items your relatives may have owned during their time in the military.

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  1. Tracy Tomaselli says:

    Great info to make available to the public. Thanks

    Will the CMSR be made available as they are scanned, or after the collection is complete?

    When will Connecticut’s records be scanned/made available?

    Thank you

  2. We at the Sanilac County Historical Society have published a book ‘This is from Walter’, a compilation of letters home from a Soldier of the 24th Michigan of the Iron Brigade 1862-1865. We would be willing to donate a copy to Fold 3 and would appreciate any publicity as far as selling this book to the public you would be able to do. We are charging $16 plus shipping.

    Please let me know if you are interested and can help.

    Shirley Schmidt
    Archivist/Board Secretary

  3. Nancy Shelton-Licini says:

    Looking to locate MWD Argenbright wooden canteen. It was my paternal grandfathers maternal grandfathers canteen. It is somewhere in a private collection on display in Gettysburg, PA. Meredith William David (MWD) served as a Confederate soldier from Middlebrook, Augusta Co, VA.
    Thank You.

  4. MIchael Tosner says:

    Why is there so little information on the civil war navy, enlistments, crew list etc.

  5. Paul R. Scott says:

    There were filing errors in the microfilm version of the Compiled Service Records. Have/will those be corrected?

  6. Joe Wachter says:

    I have written a biography of my uncle who served in the 126th, red arrow, infantry regiment who were were transported in the record breaking convoy of April 22, 1942 from San Francisco to Australia, the first US troops ever air lifted into battle from Australia to New Guinea and the first troops to go into battle in New Guinea. Complete with privet letters, pictures, clippings, and maps. I can give you the bio from birth to mustering out or the total bio which is continuing since he is still living at 98.

    • Robin Tuttle says:

      My Dad was in Company G, 127th Infantry, 32nd Division. He shipped out on the USS Mount Vernon. I assume this was the ship your uncle was on. At one point, there seemed to be a terrible storm. One Naval Officer on board, said it was the roiling of the sea caused by the massing of ships and the bombardment during the Battle of the Coral Sea. The Japanese were attempting to intercept and sink Dad’s and other troop ships. Dad was at Buna and Leyte and the Ormoc valley. The 32nd returned to the US in August 1945, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. My Dad is 92 and lives in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He and Carl Patrinos, 94 and also from Oconomowoc are the two living vets of Company G. I would be interested in your history.

    • Mike Sower says:

      I would be interested in your uncle’s biography. I had 4 uncles from Michigan who served in the army during WWII, 3 who served in the Southwest Pacific. I think they served in the Red Arrow based on what I have read. I remember one of my uncles telling of crossing the mountains of New Guinea (during rainy season?) , and later going ashore on an island that I don’t believe he ever identified.

  7. Gary Swerdlow says:

    If you like Civil War Factual little known happenings try this for Starters .
    Go on line and find ,,,Bannerman Castle. NY on an island, I believe on the Hudson River ? it Was First Army Navy Store in the US and find out Why the City of NY Kicked Mr..Bannermans Company out of the City ??. and Check out a Reprint of his Catalog of GAR ( Grand Army of the Republic ) Military stuff and Civil War Everything. Unbelievable !! Historically Super reading !!Sears and Roebuck got the Idea from Mr. Bannerman.
    Where did all that Civil War equipment that was found in 1943 on the Island go ?? Just a Tale ? NOT Really !!.

  8. Gary Swerdlow says:

    Find the bannerman Catalogs .Go Online to ( Bannerman arsenal catolags )

  9. Gioldasis says:

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  10. Loris Hooks says:

    Please cancel my membership.If there are any problems,please contact me amy email.

  11. JoAnne Rose says:

    Has anyone heard of John Alfred McKinley? I know he was born in Louisville Kentucky in 1830 and fought for the Union. Any info would be appreciated.

  12. JoAnne Rose says:

    Has anyone heard of John Alfred McKinley? I know he was born in Louisville Kentucky in 1830 and fought for the Union. Any info would be appreciated.