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Find: Halloween UFO Sightings from Project Blue Book

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On Halloween night, 1957, around 8:30 p.m., a man in Massapequa Park, New York, saw an extremely bright object in the sky traveling very fast. A former pilot and FBI agent, he didn’t think it could be a meteor because the object moved on a “flat trajectory, which appeared to parallel the horizon throughout its sweep.” When the man reported this sighting to the Air Force, he knew nothing might come of it, but, as he stated, he wanted to “toss it in now, for what it may be worth, on the off-chance that it might just happen to tie in with someone else’s observation.” Upon analysis, the Air Force deemed the UFO to in fact have been a meteor.

Between 1952 and 1969, the U.S. Air Force conducted a study into UFO sightings, known as Project Blue Book. This followed two other UFO-related government projects, the first of which began in 1947. The goals of Project Blue Book were to scientifically analyze UFO data and to determine if UFOs were a national security threat.

During the life of the project, more than 12,000 reported UFO sightings were collected and analyzed, with most of the “UFOs” being explained away as known aircraft or naturally occurring phenomenon, such as the meteor in Massapequa Park. The project was ended in 1969, when it was concluded that there was nothing anomalous or dangerous about the reported UFOs and that there was no evidence that any of the UFOs were in fact extraterrestrial.

Now, nearly 50 years later, you can read the Project Blue Book UFO Investigations on Fold3. Was the Massapequa Park sighting really a meteor, or was that explanation just a government cover up? Decide for yourself!

With Halloween coming up, we’ve collected a few of Project Blue Book’s best UFO sightings that occurred on Halloween. Take a look below!

  • Williston, Florida, 1955: A policeman spots multiple round objects in loose formation in the night sky, making no noise but emitting a light so bright it hurt his eyes. Multiple other witnesses made similar reports. The official explanation? An aircraft refueling operation.
  • South Charleston, Ohio, 1964: A freelance photographer submits a photo of multiple UFOs near a tree. He claims that “the strange objects on the film [were] not visible to my eyes [and] no sounds were heard at the time.” The official explanation? The mostly likely cause of the UFOs in the photo was “a lightbulb and reflector taken at multiple exposures.”
  • West Hyattsville, Maryland, 1966: A 15-year-old boy submits a Polaroid photo of “grayish solid object with 2 red lights and 2 blue lights” in the night sky. He declares, “This is no prank!” The official explanation? There was considered to be insufficient data for evaluation and the photo was deemed of insufficient clarity.
  • Logansville, Ohio, 1953: A farmer sees “a round saucer-like object with a glow like a million electric lightbulbs travel with terrific speed from east to west, then veer south and disappear.” The official explanation? A meteor, with the turn regarded as an illusion.

Get started searching or browsing the Project Blue Book UFO Investigations on Fold3. You can even try searching for your city or state to find out if any UFOs were spotted in your area. Access to the Project Blue Book UFO Investigations is free with registration.


  1. Remember that the first letter in UFO stands for Unidentified. The problem with UFO enthusiasts is that so many of them think they have identified them as spaceships.
    The fact that we cannot identify a few of the examples does NOT mean that the only other proposal, spaceships, is correct. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has passed every test thrown at it, and that says even getting close to the speed of light would be extremely expensive in energy terms, requiring the conversion of much of the mass of a solar system into energy. The idea that anyone making such an investment is going to play hide and seek with the inhabitants of target planet over numerous trips over a period of a half century does not fly.
    Meanwhile, look at medieval tales of incubi, succubi, etc. Maybe UFOs are witches with lights on their broomsticks to avoid collisions.

  2. Flying saucers are real. The Air Force does not exist!

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  4. My friend and I were on our way to work by car when a UFO appeared in the sky off in the distance. It’s lights were glowing and it was traveling at a high rate of speed with no sound at all. We worked for Lockheed in Burbank,Ca. This object appeared near Newhall, Ca. We were both sure it was not a plane, but a UFO. We were Rosie the Riveter’s and we knew what planes looked like. This was no aircraft from our world. We both amazed.