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Find: WWII Color Photos

WWII Color Photo
When many of us think of photos from World War II, we think of black-and-white images. After all, most of the iconic photographs from the war—like those capturing the flag raising on Iwo Jima or the VJ Day kiss in Times Square—are in that medium. But actually, color photography had slowly been becoming more popular and available in the years leading up to the war. So while it was still quicker and easier to shoot and develop black-and-white photos, a growing number of war photographers began using color film to capture the people, places, and events of the World War II, giving us a chance today to see the war how those who lived through it did—in living color.

Fold3’s WWII US Air Force Photos collection includes some of these color images, mainly from US operations in England, Germany, France, Panama, and China. A few of the many color photographs on Fold3 include:

WWII Pilots
Want to find more WWII color photographs on Fold3? Search the WWII US Air Force Photos for the term “color.” Or you can look through the selection highlighted on the Fold3 topic page “Color Photos from World War II.”


  1. Your postings are very interesting to me.
    I had an uncle, Cpl Floyd B Gates, who was a belly gunner on B-24s flying the ‘Hump’ from Assam, India 1944-45.
    He was with the 375th Bomb Squadron, 308th Bomb Group.
    Do you have any items on this outfit?
    PS I’m a retired Naval Aviator who operated off 9 US Carriers.

  2. John Beaman says:

    The first photo in your email is Don Gentile and Godfrey, from the 4th Fighter Group, Eighth Air Force. Both were aces. Godfrey went on to become the “King of the Stafers” but flak got him and he spent the rest of the war as a POW. Gentile went home after his tour and was killed test flying the P-80 Shooting Star.

  3. Leonard B. Chapman says:

    I have a 1938 March Field Yearbook. It has photo’s of all the Army Air Corp units stationed at that time. I hope to scan and upload this book in the future.
    Would Fold3 be interested in this book?
    Leonard B. Chapman
    Anaheim, CA.

    • carla russell perkins says:

      I would love to see some pics from ww1,2,Korean etc. Maybe I can find my grandfather’s in them.

    • carla russell perkins says:

      I would love to see some pics from ww1,2,Korean etc. Maybe I can find my grandfather’s in them. No I have not asked this question or mentioned the war at all.

  4. Sanchez says:

    Any photos of marines 4th division Iwo Jima?

  5. Cheri says:

    Any photos of 439th US Air Corps? Ryukus Islands. Thanks!

  6. Gene Newman says:

    My brother James Newman was with the 359th Reg. 90th Div. 3rd Army during WWII. I was in the 3rd Comm. Sqdn of the 3rd Bomb Wing at K8 in Korea during the Korean War. Any photos from those two eras?

  7. Gene Newman says:

    My brother Jim was in the 359th Reg., 90th Div during WWII. I was in the 3rd Comm. Sqdn, 3rd Bomb Wing in K8 Korea during that war.

  8. Gene Newman says:

    You have my comment, hopefully. You make this rather difficult.

  9. kathy kacal says:

    My father was a photographer in the army air corps. He trained bombardiers on the Nordea bomb site and he was partially responsible for the films that we now have of bombings during the war. He changed the position of the cameras on the site so the trances could see what they hit during training. I have Boxes of pictures AND the negatives that my dad took . some are bombers nose art before they ever left the ground with the crew. My dad is now 99 years old and was a master sergeant. Thought there may be some photos of interest to you

  10. L. J. Abernathy says:

    My brother-in-law George Robert Casey flew P-40s in China/Burma/India after the AVG pilots left. He was in a National Geographic article with a photo showing 1/2 shared kill. I would love toknow more about his unit. He retired as a Colonel USAF.

  11. James L. Owens says:

    There was no U.S. Air Force during WWII. It was the U.S. Army Air Corps.

  12. Susan Hopkins says:

    My uncle, James J. Baylis (KIA: November 29, 1942 – Souk El Arba, Tunisia, North Africa) was a tank driver with the 1st Armored Division: Company B, 13th Armored Regiment. Any photos of this unit right after the Allied Invasion of North Africa on November 8, 1942?

  13. Any U.S. 8th Air Corps photos of 305th Bombardment Group, 364th Bombardment Squadron, B-17 “Graham
    Cracker,” Chelveston Air Base, England (WWII).

  14. Sandy howell says:

    Do you have any pictures from the Army? My father was in Hapan after the bomb was dropped.

    • Zandra Wrobleski says:

      You mean Japan? My dad was there too and I have photos that were taken there but I would like more information regarding that time period. Thanks Zandra

  15. Ron Hanna says:

    A.S.A.F. Was The U.S. Army Air Corps the World War II !!!

  16. Tresa case says:

    I would like to see pic.’s of wwII army ground troops in France / Italy I think. they were the 10th mountain something my uncle was Jessie Casto.

    Thank you

  17. Lisa Shepherd says:

    My dad was in the Army during WWII. He never spoke of his service. I’d like to find out as much information I can, so I can properly honor his service with his grandchildren.

    His sister-in-law told me years after his death that he was the soldier who did the morse code to tell the war was over. Any chance to verify this?

    Joseph John Husar dob:12-25-1924

  18. Belen Vega says:

    My father AGAPITO QUINO VEGA, (dob 11-20-1927) was in the US NAVY during WWII. We don’t know what happened to him in his service he never spoke of that. He died 1993. Maybe you can give us more information and post some photos during his service. thank you and more power.

  19. Delores Turner says:

    My father was with the 95th Airborne, Iron Men of Metz. The men tattled on him at reunion and said he was the one who crawled the riverbank to set the explosives.
    Any pictures from over there would be appreciated