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Introducing the New Fold3® Gallery and Tags!

We’ve launched a beta version of a new Fold3® Gallery and Tag experience! The new Gallery and Tag feature gives researchers a powerful new tool to organize Fold3 records, Memorials, photographs, and documents. Now you can create custom tags that allow you to tag records and organize them into groups that can be quickly recalled. We’d love your feedback as we fine-tune this experience, but we promise, that the end result will provide Fold3 customers with powerful ways to organize your research and bring more value to your Fold3 membership!

What is the Gallery?

The Gallery is a place to see all your Fold3 content and organize it into groupings by creating tags. Enter the Gallery from this banner on the home page:

Once you are in the Gallery, you will see items you’ve recently viewed and all the items you have previously tagged.

For example, if you’ve created Fold3 Memorials for all your ancestors that served in the Armed Forces, you can create custom tags for which conflict they served in (Civil War, WWI, WWII, etc.). You can then choose to add additional tags for which battles they participated in (Gettysburg, Battle of Somme, Battle of the Bulge, etc.). Create as many tags as you want to organize your content. Tags are custom and searchable in your Gallery. Maybe you’re headed to Gettysburg and want to quickly search for all your ancestors that participated in that battle – now you can!

How Do I Add Tags?

Tags can be added from your Gallery, from Memorials, or from any individual record. Just look for this tag symbol. When you click on it, a dialogue box pops up that allows you to quickly add a new tag or choose from a previously used tag.

For example, if you are researching WWII Flying Fortresses, you can search Fold3 for related records and images, then click on the tag icon. If you’ve already created a tag called “Flying Fortress,” just click on the + to tag the newly discovered record with this tag. From there, you can also add additional new tags to fine-tune your results. Once an item is tagged, it will now show up in your Gallery where you can quickly recall all your tagged records.

Ready to Give It a Try? Access the beta version of Gallery here, or click on the banner link on our homepage. Once you are enrolled in the beta, you can access your Gallery in the drop-down menu in your profile

We’ve just touched the surface of the capabilities of the Gallery and Tags. Want to know more? Head over to our Help Center by clicking here. We’d love your feedback on this new Gallery and Tags experience. Please leave your feedback on this prompt on the Gallery page.

Search nearly 600 million military records on Fold3® today, then organize your research with our new Gallery and Tags.


  1. […] Introducing the New Fold3® Gallery and Tags!. “We’ve launched a beta version of a new Fold3® Gallery and Tag experience! The new […]

  2. […] Introducing the New Fold3® Gallery and Tags!. “We’ve launched a beta version of a new Fold3® Gallery and Tag experience! The new […]

  3. Gayle says:

    Enough of the foo foo. Finish the collections you started and never finished. Civil War pensions, Army correspondence files from the late 1800s, post WWII Navy muster rolls, for starters.

    • Sharon LaDuke says:

      My thoughts exactly. The site also should do something about the War of 1812.

  4. JACOB C. COATES says:

    I am looking for any information documents or photos of my late father SSG/SFC Willie Coates Sr. I know in the mid to late 50’s my father was station at Fort Devens Massachusetts to early 60’s at which time he was station he was transferred to
    Fort Hood Texas.
    From the early to mid 60’s in the mid to 60’s my father transferred from Texas to Germany either Hamburg or Frankfurt Germany to arrange and sit up housing. My mother caring for four boys ranging from ages two to six years of age joined.
    Abruptly in late 1967 early 1968 the family was rush back stateside due to the unexpected loss of the youngest member our family. My father and mother never recovered emotionally from the loss of their youngest of four son.
    My father subsequently in 1968 took orders to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri were he remained until 1970 when
    my he received orders to Vietnam, It was at this my father learned three things that was never known before ( A) He was unknowingly living with Three silent killer
    1) High Blood Pressure
    2) Diabetes
    3) Under Line Heart Condition
    (B) He was Diagnosed with Depression .
    (C) He had become a functional Alcoholic.
    My father still wishing to complete his last enlistment to complete his final contract with the U.S. Army he retired
    22 1/2 yrs in September 1972 from Fort McPhersons.

    • Jessica Blalock says:

      Thank you for sharing your father’s story. I hope his retired years lightened his struggles. If I can locate documents or pictures, I’ll get back to you.

  5. Lori says:

    I have Fold3 as a part of my subscription to Ancestry. While I have found some documents I find it to the most frustrating of the 3 items included with the subscription (Ancestry, Newspapers, Fold 3). Search mode is absolutely horrendous, not much about Korean War. Fold3 is normally my last stop and only when I have a lot of time to burn.

    • Celia says:

      I totally agree. Money badly spent by me- Only note Americans in WW11 etc.
      If I’d realized lack of anything British I would have saved my money.

      Will not renew my subscription.

  6. Robert A. Lynn says:

    I’m looking for the Morning Reports in regard to Company H, 31st Infantry Regiment-October 4, 1919 to February 15, 1920. This specific unit arrived in Vladivostok on the U.S. Transport Great Northern and left on the U.S. Transport Crook to Manila.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Robert A. Lynn

    407-757-7902 Cell
    [email protected]

  7. Jack Kraft says:

    Could you point me to an organization that will relocate my uncles remains from Henri-Chapelle, Belgium to his home town in Wadena, MN.
    My grandmothers wish was to bring him home.
    His name is
    Erwin H. Blair
    Death Date: 17 Dec 1944
    Cemetery: Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
    Cemetery Burial Plot: Plot G Row 1 Grave 54
    Cemetery City: Henri-ChapelleCemetery
    Country: Belgium
    War: World War II
    Awards: Purple Heart
    Rank: Private First Class
    Service: U.S. Army
    Service ID: 37550195
    Division: 393rd Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division
    Data Source: World War II Honor Roll

    Thank you,
    Jack Kraft
    [email protected]

  8. Jessica Blalock says:

    Have you contacted the VA? They might help or at least point you in the right direction. I’ve gone to their site and can’t find anything current for returning remains from WWII. The following website has contact info for Henri-Chapelle Cemetery. I wish you well.

  9. Ralph Worsnop says:

    Did I sign up for Fold3? Seems that from the above comments it has to do with American military personnel. As an Englishman I have no relatives who fought in wars other than my father in WW1 and I have all his records of that time. So for me Fold3 is a dead loss.

  10. Gwendalyn GRIMMOND says:

    I agree with the last member, I have Australian ancestors and have not found Fold3 of any use.
    Also when I attempt to use Newspaper records I am asked to send more money to see the report, when we are told that Newspaper records are included in our extra membership fee.

  11. I would like to be able to find more records on Australian service members, including prisoner of war information.
    Also I would like to use Newspaper records that have been mentioned in Ancestry about my ancestors, without being asked for extra fees.

  12. John Loughrey says:

    What about the Coast Guard?

  13. Glenn Poe says:

    I”m trying to find my Father Glenn Poe,He was In War War #2, He was In the Navy and he. Was Muster Rolls(1938-1949) (1943-1949)he. Was In the Navy Ship was a Aircraft. Mechanic !

  14. Dear Ms. Ashcraft,
    While looking through the Morning Reports for H Company, 31st Infantry Regiment, I noticed that it went only went up to December, 1919. It was one of the units that formed the AEF Siberia along with the 27th Infantry Regiment. The 31st Left Siberia in February, 1920. Were the rest of the records destroyed in the infamous NPRC fire of 1973?

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Robert A. Lynn

    [email protected]
    407-757-7902 Cell

  15. Robert Lynn says:

    Dear Ms. Ashcraft,
    I have three quick questions:

    *Is there a list of serving commissioned officers for H Company, 31st Infantry Regiment between October, 1919 and February, 1920?

    *Is there a list of American Red Cross doctors that served as commissioned officers in the AEF Siberia from 1918 to 1920?

    *Is there a list of both officers and enlisted that were on the U.S. Transport Great Northern that landed in Vladistovok on 4 October 1919 as well as the U.S. Transport Crook that left Vlaistovok on 15 February 1920?

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Robert A. Lynn

  16. Joyce Jeane-Latiolais says:

    I am looking for the military record of Wallace Andy Crowe, born in Oklahoma in 1939, died in Alaska, 1999. Was enlisted in the Navy from approximately 1957-1961. Returned to Oklahoma after he finished his service. Trying to find his grave site and photos of him at any age.

  17. Ann Redmond says:

    I am looking for someone. Who I know was in the military either under a different name or different ss# . MY HUSBAND. TOOK HIS DOG TAGS OUT OF THE HOUSE AND THEY NEVER RETURNED. I know he was in the military because I saw pictures. Is there any way to find out more information. I know he was previously married