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Kim Komando Names Footnote Cool Site of the Day

Yesterday was a nice day at Footnote. We had as many visitors to the site as we did during the early days of the Free 1930 promotion and the site handled the traffic without a hitch.

The census promotion is still bringing lots of people to the site (there are still 10 days left), but some of yesterday’s extra traffic came from Kim Komando naming Footnote the “Cool Site of the Day.”

Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess

Thanks Kim. We’re thrilled to have been picked as a Cool Site and we’ll do our best to keep freshening up history.


  1. BETTY CALLIS says:

    Kim’s site showed me Footnote. Reading it was the reason I joined. I had been curious about it from hearing other people doing genealogy. Kim K’s newsletter mentioning it was the final straw–I paid for a year!

    I hope I will learn how to use it. I am sorry to say, that so far ( I just joined last night) I cannot seem to figure out how to use it to the fullest. It certainly is NOT PEOPLE FRIENDLY. So…help!

    I really want to learn how!

  2. Ann says:

    Betty I wish I could help since you paid you may want to contact technical support I hope they can help. I have been trying to use the free 1930 census whith no luck . I got in a couple of times from my home computer and that was it.
    I have not had luck with tech. services . I do not belive they have any answers for me.
    If they can’t help you see if you can get any kind of refund.
    I hope all workss out for you.

  3. BETTY CALLIS says:

    Thanks, Ann. I got an email from -I guess tech support– giving me the site for the tour. But I looked at it already.
    When I have a page open, say a census page, with my ancestor on it, it moves really slowly….takes forever to read it all..and I read slowly myself on the computer–it is slower than I am by far.
    I will aske someone who has it and see if it is my computer-although it only does this way on footnote.
    If I cannot get more and better info, I may ask for a refund. I saw where you can do that if you are not satisfied in 30 days.
    So far, I am really disapponted!! I had looked forward to it so mch!

  4. Ann says:

    Betty glad to here that. I think once the free trial is over you should have better luck.

    Take care


  5. Anne Angus says:

    A genealogy cousin used the site and said it was VERY hard to navigate. That is the reason I havent joined and I have been dying to, over the objections of my exasperated DH at all the genstuff.

    Please someone pay attention.

  6. Anne Angus says:

    Also, KK is THE GODDESS ! I love her and listen every weekend.

  7. Peter says:


    Sorry to hear about the troubles your cousin had on the site. We’d love to make the site easier to use and your feedback can really help.

    If you (or your cousin, or anyone else who reads this) have any specific suggestions, problems, examples of what the site makes it hard to do or anything else that you think would help, please sent them to us at [email protected]