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List of 10,000 Revolutionary Soldiers 1775-1783

As we continue to get closer to a complete collection of The Pennsylvania Archives, we find more interesting facts.Here is an alphabetical list of Revolutionary Soldiers “compiled chiefly from The Depreciation Account books in the office of the Auditor General of Pennsylvania”. The introduction continues:

“It contains nearly ten thousand names, and, as will be seen hereafter, but a small proportion of those heroes who gave us the heritage of liberty and free government we enjoy.”

If you find something interesting within this list or would like to share your own discoveries, please leave us a comment.

Happy hunting.


  1. john corrington spouce. mary

    new jersey

    Series:M805 roll:165 Image:128 file:w4914/blwt26064-160-56 page:1 of 12

  2. I am searching for soldiers of the American Revolution from York or Lancaster County by the name of George Blose. A DAR record lists Lieutenant George Blose. I cannot find one in your database…please suggest research strategies. Thanks

  3. If you are searching for a surname using the spelling(s) you are familiar with, and not finding the person in question, try the following:

    1. Say the name out loud. Think of all the possible ways that name could be spelled based on how it sounds. Using Soundex as a guide (see Story Page on the Soundex), determine different ways to spell a name. Remember that spelling was more or less irrelevant in past years. In fact, some people often tried to find as many different ways to spell their name as possible, and others were illiterate so any spelling was fine with them.
    2. Take into consideration different ethnic backgrounds. A German naturalization officer may spell an Irish immigrant’s name the way it would sound to a German ear, not an English or Irish ear. In fact, the original name may have been translated into something more American or English. And immigrants whose names did not translate or “fit” into American society may have adopted completely different names or abbreviated their own name when they immigrated.
    3. The process of finding a name is based on many steps. First the person said or wrote his name. Then someone else indexed that name based on how it looked to him or her. Unless the indexer is familiar with surnames in a specific area, there is a chance of misreading the written name. For example, an S could be mistaken for an L, and vice versa. K, B, and R can be easily misread, even if the following combinations of letters make no sense. I once searched in vain for a family by the name of Knox, only to find them by accident indexed as Rnox. Another problem is the handwriting of letters inside a name. Older handwriting indicates a double s as what we see as an fs. A single s appears as f. The letter o may be misread as a, u as ii, and m as nn or w. It is important to think of how the written name may appear on a page.
    4. Try searching for the first name and a year or place, if the first name is common.

    If you are searching for a place, remember that place names have changed over time. Boundaries of states, counties and townships have also changed as the population grew. You need to use the name of the place as it was known during the time period of your search.

  4. I have a grandfather that was in the revolutionary war and buried in the Old Kirklin Cemetery in Clinton County, In. There is a DAR Stone. He is one of eight and I cannot find it. Can anyone help. His name was John Reed He died 8 Feb 1839. Thank you all

  5. captain in washingtons army

  6. William Scarbrough
    b. 1753 Greenbrier or Bedford, VA
    d. 16 Jun 1830 Knox Co., TN

    1781 Revolutionary Soldier from Bedford Co., VA
    DAR # 636573 member Frances Summers descendent.

    I am Ann Scarbrough Perrine. William was my ggggrandfather.

    Do you have data that I could see that would confirm the above information?

  7. William Scarbrough
    b. 1753 Greenbrier or Bedford, VA
    d. 16 Jun 1830 Knox Co., TN

    1781 Revolutionary Soldier from Bedford Co., VA

    I am Ann Scarbrough Perrine. William was my ggggrandfather.

    Do you have data that I could see that would confirm the above information?

  8. William Scarbrough

    I am Ann Scarbrough Perrine. William was my ggggrandfather.

    Do you have data that I could see that would confirm that he was a Revolutionary Soldier from Virginia?

  9. My GGGGrandfather Oliver Crawford Married to Lucy Alexander , from Spotts,Orange, Culpepper co Va was a revolutionary soldier. I need to find his service record and possibly his death date, Place of Burial. His wife Lucy obtained a Land Grant based on his service in Elbert Co, Ga. Thanks.. David

  10. I am looking for my ancestor, John Templeton(born 1760), who is named on a List of Revolutionary Soldiers, 8th volume, page 46-47, Virginia State Library, l9l0 by McIlwain. Where could I find copies of this work? Do you have data to confirm his service at the Battle of King’s Mountain? He is buried in White County, TN.
    Thank you.

  11. I am looking for solomon sells was he a revolutionary soldier

  12. Am hunting for Samuel McCune ca. 1722 Armagh, Ireland, md l740-45 Elizabeth Williams, died 26 Apr l802. Lost an arm in the Revolution War. Was in Point Pleasant Battle;

  13. I am looking for Robert Barclay who fought in the Revolutionary War with Sumter. He died in 1848. He is my relative. Also, inportant to know the maiden name of his spouse.

  14. Bonjour, je chercher un Jacob Dunberg Dunberry né en 1750 et je crois qu’il aurait fait la guerre de la Révolution. Quelqu’un peut m’aider? Il serait né en Allemagne.

  15. In what cemetery are the most graves of Revolutionary War soldiers? How many?

  16. I need to know the name of the battle that was fought with my grandfather. Robert Barkley (Under Sumter) in either SC or AL. He is listed in the pensioner’s list on page 148, pg #40. Thank you again for any information

  17. Found George Blose go to the following site:
    Or u can DAR.Org look under searches. You do not need the DAR #

  18. Looking for Hezekiah Haynes, born about 15 March 1785, possibly in Hanover Co., VA. His father could have been one Thomas Hains. Was in the 1812 conflict. Married in Laurel Co., KY on 01 December 1831 to Margaret (Peggy) Edwards. She was born in Kentucky 0n 17 February 1815 and died in Pulaski Co., KY on 22 June 1911. She was apparently the oldest living pensioner of the War of 1812.

  19. Looking for Elias Bast or Elias Bost. Need to know if in Revolutionary War.

  20. Looking for info on my GGGG-grandfather, Benjamin Kilgore (Captain)who was born in Ireland or PA before moving to SC.
    He md. 1st Anne/Anna MCCRARY/MCCREARY and had son James. He md. 2nd Martha Jane Ann MCDAVID, b. SC. They were the parents of a large number of childreno tabout 12. Among them was Anna Isabella/Isabelle who md. Robert GREER. They were my GGG-Grandparents. I want to know about Benjamin’s war service as well as info on his wife (Jane”s) family. Thank you! Dolores M. Pringle

  21. i am looking for james crow living in south carolina or north carolina

  22. Benjamin Kigore was my GGGGGG-grandfather he was a Captain , Major,Lt COL.and Col. in the Little River Regiment from Laurens co. SC. He died in KY in 1804. His first son James was my GGGGG-grandfather we still own a part of James’ plantation in Simpsonville SC. If you wish more information in regards to his war service please contact me as I have much more.

  23. I am looking for my great greatgrandfathers family. He was born 1796 in Lima, New York and married Sophronia Williams 1820. They went to Rush, New York and than to Niagara County, He died and Sophina with their children migrated to Michigan. I would appreciate any help I can find on William David Straw ancestors.

  24. Looking for the dates and parents info on James Leonard buried 6 May 1817 in the town of Veteran, Chemung Co., New York. He is listed as a soldier of the American Revolution and also listed in the DAR.

    Mike Long

  25. Mike, I am also looking for parents information on James Leonard buried May 6th 1817. I have his birthday as 23
    Aug 1750 in CT. Email me at [email protected]