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Medal of Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor Recipients by conflictThe Medal of Honor is the U.S. military’s highest award for valor. Discover more about this nation’s bravest heroes by exploring Fold3’s Medal of Honor Recipients title.

Compiled by congressional committee and originally spanning the years 1863 to 1978, Medal of Honor Recipients was recently expanded to include additional names from 1979 to 2013 for more than 3,400 entries on those who received the Medal of Honor.

The first volume (1863–1978) contains an in-depth history of the Medal of Honor. For instance, did you know that in 1917, 910 names were removed from the Medal of Honor Roll because the Board ruled their actions didn’t merit the award? 864 of them were from the same regiment. This first volume also lists recipients by conflict, recipients by state, foreign-born recipients, recipients in alphabetical order, and other (non-recipient) names mentioned in the citations.

Medal of Honor Recipiants listed alphabeticallyThe 1979–2013 addendum encompasses additions and changes to the earlier volume. It includes information on recent recipients, as well as information on those retroactively given the Medal of Honor (including 22 Asian Americans and 7 African Americans from World War II).

Information included—when available—for each Medal of Honor recipient is name and rank, organization (e.g., company and division), the date and place of their Medal of Honor action, their date and place of birth, and the citation text. Recipients come from all branches of service, and although early citations are often shorter, more descriptive citations are available from about World War I on.

Within the pages of Medal of Honor Recipients, each name preceding a citation is selectable. Selecting the name will bring up a box containing basic information pulled from the citation and the Honor Wall. Selecting the person’s name at the top of this box will take you to the person’s Honor Wall page, which you can explore or expand, depending on your preference.

As we approach Memorial Day, take some time to honor this nation’s heroes by learning more about them and their bravery in Fold3’s Medal of Honor Recipients and on the Honor Wall.


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