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Military Yearbook Collection, 1900-2011

When researching military history, one often overlooked source is military yearbooks. Before embarking into military service, every member of the US Armed Forces received specialized training in camps, bases, and training facilities, across the country. All branches of the US military have published yearbooks. Graduates could purchase them when they completed training. Much like a high school yearbook, military yearbooks contain names, photographs, and details from a serviceman or servicewoman’s training. Fold3 has a collection of 108 military yearbooks. They contain more than 157,000 indexed names and nearly 17,000 images. These yearbooks date from 1900-2011. Here are some examples of what you might find in this collection.

Advanced Flying School, Army Air Forces (1943): Based in Phoenix, the yearbook for the Class of 1943 Aviation Cadets at Luke Field includes indexed photographs of the cadets, information about their training, recreation, and details about Chinese pilots that trained alongside them. After graduation, some of these cadets would make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. One example is Peter A. Boele. After leaving Luke Field, he was assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing, 55th Fighter Squadron. On May 25, 1944, 2nd Lt. Boele was shot down near the Netherlands and crashed into the sea. His yearbook photograph is on a page with 13 other cadets – nearly half of whom died while serving their country.

Citizens Military Training Camp (1923): Between the years 1921-1940, the military held training camps that allowed men to obtain basic military training without an obligation for active duty. This yearbook is from the Citizens Military Training Camp (CMTC) at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. In 1923, 25,000 men attended a CMTC where they trained in physical fitness, good citizenship, and the importance of serving in a time of need. This yearbook contains rosters, photographs, and histories.

US Army Training Center, Infantry (1969): Some soldiers fighting in Vietnam first attended Basic Training at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. From the moment of arrival, soldiers underwent rigorous physical and weapons training, drills, and inspections. The specialized training helped our fighting forces prepare for jungle warfare in Vietnam. This yearbook contains indexed photographs and a history of a soldier’s time spent at Fort Bragg.  

US Coast Guard Academy (1925): Located in New London, Connecticut, the Coast Guard Academy helped prepare future Coast Guard Officers. Particularly noteworthy in this yearbook is the collection of photographs and biographies for those attending the academy.

Explore our Military Yearbook Collection on Fold3. If you have a military yearbook or Unit History that you would like to donate to this collection, please contact us at [email protected]. We can digitize your book and return it to you undamaged. Help us preserve these important military records and make them available for others to explore free of charge. See our entire collection of military records on Fold3 today!  


  1. Paul Lawler says:

    Do you include a Edward B. Lawler of New York in any of your WWII yearbooks?

  2. Perry Monkelien says:

    Do you include James M Monkelien in your WW II yearbooks?

  3. Marcus Hooker says:

    Do you have Marcus Lee Hooker in any of your yearbooks?

  4. Do u have name of Wilmoth Catesby Bowen in records in your book WW1 1917 . Was stationed in New York. 1st LT inf 1 division WW1 PH Tennessee

  5. Do you have a year book from Fort Dix, N.J. 1959 For Richard B. Bradley Jr.?

  6. Tom Barnett says:

    Do you have any from Ft. Polk, La in January of 1969?

  7. Beth Jones says:

    My father was in the Navy and stationed in China. All his records were destroyed in a fire (I believe in St. Louis) Do you have the name Alfred Norman Peterson?

  8. Beth Jones says:

    My father served in World War 2.

  9. Larry Loder says:

    How would a person donate a year book or upload a high resolution scan of a yearbook to this site? Thank you for your response.

  10. Do you have a Howard Franklin Flowers WWI in the AEF. 1917-1919

  11. Robert Redwine says:

    Looking for military photos for 1974 that were taken in boot camp

  12. SEAN GLEASON says:

    Are you accepting donations of military year books for indexing?

    • Paula Bell says:

      The email about military collections says “Explore our Military Yearbook Collection on Fold3. If you have a military yearbook or Unit History that you would like to donate to this collection, please contact us at [email protected]. We can digitize your book and return it to you undamaged. Help us preserve these important military records and make them available for others to explore free of charge. See our entire collection of military records on Fold3 today! “

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Yes! Please contact [email protected]. Thank you.

  13. Do you have any year books with a William B Herring in them? A WW2 Vet

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Larry, I don’t see William B. Herring in this yearbook collection. Check back frequently as we are always adding new content.

  14. Barbara Helton says:

    Please cancel my subscription to Fold3. Each time I try to sign in it give me heart ache because it doesn’t like my email or my password, and I am tired of that. So please cancel my subscription. Thank you
    Barbara Helton

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hello Barbara. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had issues logging in. I’ve forwarded your information to support. They will contact you and either help you with your login issues or cancel your subscription. Thank you.

  15. George Rutledge says:

    Hi, will you have any yearbooks from Ft Leonard wood? Spring of 1986 , Charlie 2 2 … combat Engineers training. ..?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi George, we have the Ft. Leonard Wood 1987 book, but not 1986. Please check back often as we regularly add more content.

  16. Merrill says:

    Do you have military yearbooks Lackland AFB training base. Between 1970 and 2974?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hello, we don’t have any Lackland AFB yearbooks at this time. Please check back often, as we are always adding new content.

  17. Mary Joanne Pavitt says:

    Do you have John H Brinley, Sr? He served in the navy 1952-1975. He was my Father.

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Mary, I don’t see John H. Brinley, Sr. in our yearbook collection at this time. Please check back often as we add more content regularly.

  18. this site are bottom feeders-be very careful before you spend money,especially now with money being hard to earn at this time-this site has never found my dad (ww11), my husband (vietnam) or my 2 nephews (multiple, multiple middle east tours of duty) it is part of ancestry and a scam

  19. James Clark says:

    I have a yearbook for Basic Training Company E-2-3 at FT Bliss, TX in the OCT-DEC class.
    Is this of value to you?

  20. Margaret says:

    Thank you for putting this together with ancestry, I have never had any problems with ancestry in fact. It has help me find the connection to a history icon DANIEL BOONE . who is my 5th Great Grand father on my mother’s side of the family. I am also related to Jessie James, One of the first official Texas Rangers. My father’s side I have gone back to the early 17 hundred’s . Ancestry has helped me find all this.

  21. CDR Merle F. Ulsh, USNR (Ret) says:

    What about cruise books? I have a USS WISCONSIN 1955 – 56. Also King Neptune certificate and 1955 Thanksgiving copy of “The Badger” newspaper. Interested? Where to send?

  22. Sam E. Pennartz says:

    Army Air Forces Collection

    Historical Documents from World War II

  23. Elizabeth Clemmons says:

    Does this list members of The Bataan Death March?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Elizabeth. Our yearbook collection is small (just 108 books to date), but we are in the process of adding more. I would suggest searching for your soldier, but if you don’t find him/her in a yearbook, keep checking back.

  24. Do you have a yearbook for Walden Gray Duncan, He was in the 37th Div. , 129th Regiment and shipped to the Philippines in Feb. 1945,. I can furnish basic training info if helpful.

  25. Andrea Conte says:

    Year book photo WWII of Matthew T. Paragus, US Navy Seabees?

  26. Sharon Bonelli says:

    How do I get to look inside the Luke Field yearbooks both my parents were at Luke Field during the war?

  27. Sameera V Thurmond says:

    Do you have any specific year books for individuals or camp sites or training camps during years of segregation or even after integration that includes numbers of African Americans. I have a cousin named Marion Gordon that served in the Air Force.

  28. Gene Turney says:

    I am looking for photographs of two people. Sidney Walter Stephenson, Navy WW1, and WW2 CS3, and Frank Willard Turney SGT. Med Detachment 19th Infantry. Bronze Star

  29. JRoyall says:

    Several of my ancestors were in the British Army. WW11 and WW1 and before that. How will Fold3 assist with tracing details of their service record please ?

  30. Rowena Kilgoar says:

    Do you not include Korean veterans who were called up by their National Guard?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Rowena, Most of the Korean records are still covered under the Privacy Act. We do have some limited records and some photos.

  31. Judith R. says:

    Seems I can never find in Fold 3 relatives who served in peace time – eg, my uncle, Fred Gruel, who was in the Engineers in the late 50s and my brother, Williams G. Crowe, who put in 30 years in the Army and Air National Guards. Also have come across nothing about a friend, Phillip L. Mumma, who served in the Navy during the Vietnam area. ???

  32. Patricia Cockrell says:

    Hi, My father, Donald George Gould, was a rifleman in WWII. Do you have him in any of the year books?

  33. Sue Redden says:

    Do you have any information about the Royal Army Service Corps in England? My father served in Italy and in North Africa during World War II.

  34. Diane L Schultz says:

    Do you have a Robert L. Rothenburger in any your Korean War yearbooks?

  35. Paul W Evans says:

    I want to find pictures of my family. My grandfather served in WW1 Army, Joe Sisk his three sons served in Army WW2 Joe Sisk, James Sisk Army WW2, Clarence Sisk Army and I think Korea. My dad Army WW2, Dewey Evans his brother Joe E. Evans killed in action Okinawa Army I served in Army 1968/71 Fort Campbell and 97th signal battalion Germany also brothers Dewey K.,James E.,Roger D., Jerry D. Navy If you can direct me for information and pictures all our records are missing. I’m trying to put something together for my grand children. As you can see my family has a military history. Thank you
    SP4 Paul W. Evans

  36. Eugene Mulcahey says:

    Looking for Edmund Mulcahy from NJ served Army WWII

  37. do you include the name Clifford W. Bockhop in any of your publications?

  38. Do you have any yearbooks from Camp Forest Tennessee World War II Era. My father was stationed there approximately late 1942. 1943 possibly early 1944 He was private in the US Army infantry division. James B Ryan

  39. William Ray says:

    I have 1973 Navy boot camp graduation class 215 Orland FL. plus a USS Saratoga CV 60 cruise book. Do you offer a membership for scanned books?

  40. Janet Savage says:

    Do you have Frank Wojcik WW11 Army Air Corps?

  41. Phil Ostrander says:


    Do you have any yearbook information on my uncle, Earl R. Ostrander Jr. who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II?

  42. Vicki Dash-Slesinski says:

    I’m an Army veteran and the Adjutant for the William W. Fahey American Legion Post 491 in Kennett Square, PA. William is the post namesake. He died in the Meuse Argonne offensive on October 4th, 1918. According to his military record he was with Company E, 318 Infantry at the time of his death. His Army serial number is 2,708,150

    When inducted Apr 27, 1918 he was assigned to the 31 Co 8 Training Battalion 155 Dep Brigade until May 14, 1918. We have been trying to locate a photograph of him in uniform and have been unsuccessful. Before subscribing to this service I’m looking for some confirmation that we can locate his military photo. The members of the post and the Kennett Square community will be very appreciative.

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Vicki, In a quick search for William W. Fahey, I see a couple of records (Army Transport ship records) for William but no photograph.

  43. L Preston says:

    Any info on Ft. DesMoines, Iowa or Camp Upton, NY?

  44. L McAlinen says:

    Hello, do you have Eulas McArthur from Hattiesburg, Ms? Also, Allen Linen from Georgetown, SC? They were both in the US Army. Thanks!

  45. William Euler says:

    Do have any photos of an Adam Euler? I believe he served in U.S. Army and was originally station in Ft Levanworth, Kanas Around 1917 and later servers in Europe during WWI.

  46. Is Michael Andrew Martinez in your yearbook?

  47. Charles Bramlet says:

    This is primarily to the attention of Jenny Ashcroft. I have a copy photo (taken with an iPhone) of my father’s basic training company from 1937. I sent an email to the address that was given earlier, describing the photo and it’s significance.
    The purpose of this is to let someone else there know that I have it, just to make sure that this doesn’t get overlooked.

  48. Nathen Schlosser says:

    I have quite a few names.. #1 on my list is Clyde W Pooler 37th Inf Reg. WW2
    Homer B Pooler Army Korea.
    Alphonse W Schlosser WW2 Iwo Jima WW2
    Any help would be appreciated..

  49. Sherry Bailey says:

    I noticed there were no Marines in your list. My husband, Gene William Bailey was in training at San Diego in May 1943 at the MCRD.

    Thank You

  50. Charles Elliott says:

    Greetings, I have been trying to locate my Basic Training year book for September 1974 Fort Knox Company B-16-4. We graduated in November of 1974. Particularly the 2nd platoon pictures to which I was assigned. Would it be in your collection?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Charles, Thank you for your service. We have several years of Fort Knox but not 1974.