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Free: More than 1 million images from US Revolution to UFOs

We are happy to be able to open free access to more than 1 million images and documents from The National Archives and others.

Here’s an example of a diagram found in the WWII Japanese Air Targets Analyses (WWII) documents… Major Japanese aircraft factories targeted in WWII

…And just one of more than 5,000 images from the Brady Civil War photos:President Lincoln

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Pennsylvania State Archives 117,831
Project Blue Book – UFO Investigations 129,658
Lincoln Assassination Papers
Papers of the Continental Congress 171,519
Misc. Papers of the Continental Congress 6,939
George Washington Correspondence 1,030
American Milestones 69
Constitutional Convention Records 346
NH Town Records – Hancock 7,436
NH Town Records – Goffstown 942
Japanese Air Targets Analyses (WWII) 7,845
Gorrell’s History of AEF Air Service (WWI)
Hesse Crown Jewels Court Martial Case – a $2.5 million heist by American officers in 1945 12,424
Naval Press Clippings 4,045
Brady Civil War Photographs 5,688
WWII – Japanese Photographs 47
Fine Arts Commission Photographs 6,862
Harry S Truman Photographs 1,517
Franklin D. Roosevelt Photographs 587
Dwight D. Eisenhower Photographs 593
Calvin Coolidge Photographs 506
George A. Custer’s Court Martial 339
Foreign Letters of the Continental Congress 474
Ratified Amendments to the US Constitution 9,932
Amistad Court Records 1,800
American Colonization Society 301,266
VA Town Records – City of South Boston 5,209
Domestic Letters of Department of State 181,431
Total: 1,062,687

We hope you have a chance to explore and share with us any interesting stories or images you find.