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Remembering Pearl Harbor Through World War II War Diaries

A little while back we started adding images from the World War II War Diaries to Footnote.  These diaries provide a day-to-day record of operational activities from the Navy and Marine Corps, and offer an interesting look into some of the major events of World War II.

We’ve already added over 250,000 images of the War Diaries to the site, including the report of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor report is 849 pages filled with interesting details:

First Notification of the Japanese Air Raid on Pearl Harbor

The first report of approaching planes.

Timeline of Attack on Pearl Harbor

A timeline of the different phases of the attack.

Explosion of the USS Arizona's Forward Powder Magazine

A detailed chronological account of the attack.

Damages Sustained by Ships (by type) at Pearl Harbor

A list of damages to each ship.

First Hand Account of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

First hand reports of the events.

Over 250 charts of details like ship movements, gun fire and planes shot down.

In memory of Pearl Harbor, during the month of December, you can look at all the images we have on the site from the World War II War Diaries for free.

To find more original documents and resources related to World War II, including the Interactive USS Arizona Memorial, check Footnote’s World War II Collection.

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