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Season’s Greetings

Santa visits orphans in England during World War II. Source: WWII US Air Force Photos

There’s no place like home for the holidays.

Celebrating at home with loved ones is part of any holiday tradition. Soldiers fighting on foreign shores in 20th-century wars added traditional touches to their celebrations away from home. Please enjoy a slideshow of Christmas and Hanukkah traditions from the front lines.

View our slideshow that highlights wartime service during the holidays.

One Comment

  1. Hello,

    Since you are now Fold3 and not Footnote there is nothing for me to find on here. You say that all the Footnote files are all still here. I cannot access anything anymore. No census, not even the 1930 census gives me anything when I click on it. I tried clicking on WWI for info on my father and uncle, but up comes WWII.

    I guess I will have to give up as I think many have done. Too bad, too sad.