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St. George 2007 Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree

This past weekend Beau, Donna, and I traveled to sunny St. George to participate in the conference. Donna and I enjoyed the conference as we talked to both novice and experienced family historians as they visited the Footnote booth in the Exhibit Hall. We were thrilled to meet many people who were already using the site. Our own Beau Sharbrough gave three classes and spoke at the Footnote sponsored dinner on Friday night. Dick Eastman joined Donna and me in the Footnote booth. I must say it was fun to have a genealogy celebrity with us at the conference. Footnote recently began sponsoring Dick’s fabulous newsletter.

Those that visited in the booth asked some great questions and offered great suggestions. We learned that it would be beneficial to clearly communicate the level of completion for the different collections. There was a lot of curiosity surrounding the content from NARA we will be featuring on the site next. We also heard the need for a Footnote newsletter. It’s this type of feedback that will help us build a better product.

The conference had a great turn out and I had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people. Throughout the conference people shared their enthusiasm for family history. I loved hearing people’s eureka moments when they finally found a record that was crucial to the next step of their research. The family historians I met at the conference had a great passion for the past and the documents that preserve history. I must say the family history bug was contagious and I spent several hours this week working on my own family history research. We would also like to congratulate Em Shipley who won a free Annual Membership to Footnote. We felt the conference was a great success and like to thank all those that participated!


  1. Do you have a date yet for the 2008 Jamboree? Our society needs to schedule our 2008 seminar, and need to NOT conflict with yours.

    I’d appreciate hearing from you.

  2. Looks like it’s February 8th and 9th. Here’s a link to more information.