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The U.S. Avoids War with Britain: December 26, 1861

Charles Wilkes
On December 26, 1861, President Lincoln and his cabinet decided to release imprisoned Confederate envoys James Mason and John Slidell in order to avoid the possibility of war with Britain, thus concluding the diplomatic uproar known as the Trent Affair.

It all started when an overzealous Union commander, Charles Wilkes, stopped a British mail ship, the Trent, in the Caribbean on November 8. Wilkes knew that the ship was carrying Mason and Slidell on their way to Europe to argue the Confederacy’s case in London and Paris. Wilkes had the Trent boarded, and Mason and Slidell (and their two secretaries) were illegally removed from the ship. (To make it legal, Wilkes would’ve had to capture the ship as well and take it to a maritime prize court to have the legality of the seizure decisively determined—but Wilkes only took the two men and not the ship.)

Letter of congratulations from the Sec. of the Navy to Captain Wilkes
When Wilkes made it back to America with the four Confederates in tow, the nation was ecstatic, with the Secretary of the Navy expressing his thanks and Congress even awarding him a gold medal for his actions. Not only had the United States thumbed its nose at the Confederacy, but at Britain as well, who was seen as having Southern sympathies. But when news reached Britain of the men’s capture, the reaction was opposite of the Americans’—everyone was outraged, particularly since it wasn’t initially clear if this breach of Britain’s neutrality was done with the sanction of the U.S. government.

Tensions escalated until soon both sides were talking about the possibility of war. To show the United States its breach of Britain’s neutrality had been serious, Britain ordered thousands of troops to sail to Canada and sent the Americans a dispatch (via the British minister to the United States) that implied repercussions unless the U.S. government apologized and released Mason, Slidell, and the secretaries.

US gov't agrees to release Mason and SlidellAfter two days of meetings, on December 25 and 26, Secretary of State William Seward convinced Lincoln and his cabinet to agree to release the four Confederates from prison. So on January 1, Mason and Slidell were allowed to resume their journey to Europe, thus averting the threat of war.

For the full official correspondence regarding the Trent Affair, see Fold3’s Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies, series 1, volume 1, pages 129–202. Or search Fold3 for other people and topics that interest you.


  1. Michael Dun says:

    The suggestion that boarding and taking the men off the Trent could be cloaked by taking the vessel as prize is quite erroneous.
    For a prize court to operate there has to be a declaration of war and following that the issue of Letters of marque.
    If anything the Charles Wilkes was leaving himself open to a charge of piracy.

  2. Chris Prondzinski says:

    Stupid thing to do in the first place.

  3. Wayne Sanderson says:

    Illegal, yes. I find it interesting, however, that the British would be so outraged as this and mobilize for war over the apprehension of the Rebel envoys when the Brits themselves in previous years not only stopped and took men from American ships at sea but even fired on American warships to force them to stop. Being a superpower was great, but when the shoe was on the other foot they cried over the first blister.

    • Joni Trobich says:

      just as we do today!

    • Ross Glover says:

      I believe the U.S. and Britain signed a treaty at the end of War of 1812 with the provision that there would be no more stopping ships and taking citizens of another country. The U.S. Navy clearly violated the treaty. Seward relished taking Canada.
      I think Prince Albert wrote the very diplomatic letter to scotch war talk.

    • Gary O says:

      Interesting bit of history. If GB was using this as an excuse over loosing the rebellion means to the USA it would make sense to support the South. But remember they had abolished slavery prior and to support the south was to thumb their noses at their own doctrine.

  4. Chris Thorne says:

    I can sympathise with both the Union and the confederates – but of course I would have been neutral- had i lived then, My own country made sure that any ship heading in the wrong direction did not not carry any weapons of war, or beligerant nationals, and took them off, if they were onboard. However, a declaration of hostilities was necessary

  5. Terry Dalley says:

    All is fair in love or war was the thinking in those days and the North surley had the right to stop the Foe from gaining possible from outside the conflict .
    Wilkes did what he thought was right for his country at the time he was not to blame .

  6. Barbara Negron says:

    I have enjoyed reading the account of the Trent affair as well as everyone’s comments. However, everyone missed one very important point Great Britain was neutral.

    One of the most important victories won by the United States during the Civil War was not ever fought on a battlefield. Rather, it was a series of diplomatic victories that ensured that the Confederacy would fail to achieve diplomatic recognition by even a single foreign government. Although this success can be attributed to the skill of Northern diplomats, the anti-slavery sentiments of the European populace, and European diversion to crises in Poland and Denmark, the most important factor stills rises from the battlefields on American soil. The Confederate states were incapable of winning enough consecutive victories to convince European governments that they could sustain independence.

    Not to mention the block aide of Southern ports which prevented the South from selling their cotton to Europe.

    The capture of Mason, Wilkes and their secretaries was not a smart move at all.

    • Johnathan says:

      In addition to your post, I would add that the coming on line of the cotton crop in British Colonial India lessened the need for the Confederacy’s cotton in is textile mills.

    • NathanB says:

      Whoever said that ANY Fed. Govt. officials were ‘smart’…? In the microcosm that is DC, I’d say it looks as if such diplomatic faux pas can (and still do) happen today.

      By 1860 Northern industrialists (robber barons) decided to ‘kill the golden goose’ of the South’s cotton trade, and to replace it with their own trade relations & agree-ments made in Europe. Tariffs had to be levied to shatter Southern cotton markets and cause their foreign trade, esp. w/ the British, to dry up. Such greed HAD to be ‘fed’, even to promoting a bloody war that killed nearly 1 million of their own fellow Americans, leaving scars on this country that still haven’t healed after 150 years.

  7. Bob Hebdon says:

    As an English man I hope you’ll excuse me putting in my “2 pennyworth”. I feel that Wilkes did what He thought was right , commanders of war ships were expected ,in those days (as well as today ) to use there own judgement if fact that very facet had enabled America to beat the English navy in earlier Times . Superpower england may have been at that time but it obviously held alot of respect for your new nation to threaten to go to war ,if they hadn’t they’d have said nothing , stuffed canada full of troops and invaded whilst you were a bit busy with the Confedrates. Remember that the Union wasn’t exactly wiping the Confederates of the battlefield at that time and Lincoln was sacking generals quite often. Not really a case of crying over a “blister” more a case for Diplomacy being the more realistic way forward. Incidently I live close to Liverpool and we had a Confederate consulship in the city , the building still stands in all its glory , stars and bars cut into the stonework by the massive front door , this is the old area of liverpool ,close is a pub that still has the shackles slaves were tied to prior to being shipped to America , not a part of our history I’m at all proud off , perhaps we redeemed a little honnour by our efforts to stop the trade later. I wonder how many American tourists find that area , not many I’d expect ,to close to the Cavern and all things Beatle. Good debate and thanks Bob .

    • Keith says:

      One other thing to your point, Russia made some not too subtle gestures, I have read, that England stay out of it. I believe I have my facts straight, but I am a little fuzzy on all the details. Not sure if Russia was protecting the new state, or just putting a thumb in England’s eye.

  8. Oliver Thompson says:

    “confederates” is good enough for treasonists!

    • AF Dinkins says:

      Confederates were NOT “treasonists” (BTW: no such word-perhaps you meant “traitors”). The Confederacy seceded from the Union (United States of America) via a long-established, formal, political procedure. That is NOT a group of traitors committing treason. The southern states wanted to secede (pull away, separate) from the Union so they could have their own destiny instead of living as part of the Union. (Makes sense to me because the two were – & still are – so vastly different culturally, socially, economically, religiously, etc.) The Unionists didn’t like the idea of loosing the land & its rich resources, so they pitched a “little temper tantrum” (as I say).

    • Roy says:

      You sir, are ignorant! This was about States rights and since they were being violated by the U.S. government, something had to be done. Unfortunately we lost the war, and we see the result of that mistake! All of us are sucking on the Federal plantation under a new Massr’s thumb and dancing the jig to his tune which is a bad tune! We are in worse shape now than then! Our government is out of control!

    • Christine Lund says:

      Treason, like when Lincoln removed the rightfully elected Governor of Missouri and put in a puppet? What was the War Between the States fought for again? Oh yeah, a power grab by the North who didn’t like sharing the wealth. The need for the wealth of ores and railroad ties in Missouri to build the railroads. The need for employees who would work for slave wages and at the end of their shifts, the owners threw them into the streets to fend for themselves until their next 18 hour shift the next day.

    • Don says:

      Kiss my Rebel ass

  9. Ransome Welborn says:

    What is hard to understand is why there is so much criticism of the Soviet Union for doing the same thing to the Country, Ukraine, that the American Union did to the Country, Confederate States of America. As history shows, the Union invaded the Confederate States of America trying to say that they were not allowed to secede. After they were driven from Virginia back across the Potomac, Lincoln came up with the excuse that they invaded to eliminate slavery. General Lee had already given his slaves their freedom before the Union invaded.

    • Steve Gritter says:

      Do you really compare the U.S. to the Soviet Union? Does anyone remember the original 13 colonies? The Ukraine was not part of the Soviet Union until after WW2 when it was “absorbed” into the union, which is the exact opposite of the “Confedate States”. They were already part of the union but because of some decisions made by our Govt they decided to try and split our country in half. If Congress had allowed this to happen it would have weakened the solidarity of our nation so much that it would invite an invasion by another Govt.

    • Christine Lund says:

      And the North didn’t free their slaves until after the war. This was never about slavery. It’s an inconvenient truth. It was about bullying. It was about BIG MONEY using the population by pitting them against each other. Sound familiar?

    • roy m says:

      Well said, Grant and Sherman both told Lincoln they would give up their NEGROES to no man for any reason.

    • Jim Wood says:

      …and Grant kept his…after all, he said, good help was hard to find….

  10. Walter Phelps says:

    The truth is “The War of The Rebellion” was forced on the Confederacy by the Union!

    • AF Dinkins says:

      Mr Phelps, in a sense, you are correct. (That name is the official Union designation, but in the South, the conflict was & is still refer to by many as the “War Between the States”.

      The Confederate States of America followed a proper, formal, long-established, politically correct procedure in order for eleven states to secede from the U.S.A. In 1860-1861. However, they were not allowed to secede peacefully by the Union, thus “The War” began. Each side had their reasonings for the war; therefore – in my opinion – no side is “right” or “wrong”. The War’s roots lie in such complex political, economic, social, & psychological elements that it is difficult for historians to agree on all its basic causes. (Look at a mountain from each of its sides & you’ll see a different mountain each time; or remember the story of several blind men describing an elephant depending on which side of the animal they were on.)

      The name “Civil War” has been widely used (perhaps because of its brevity). Actually, that term is misleading. This war was not a class struggle, but a sectional combat between two separate groups

      (Bet ya don’t know that there has been a Confederate Memorial Day since 1899.)

    • Ray Crawley says:

      Mr. Phelps you are right. The South did not invade the North but rather the
      North invaded the South. The reason? Very clear, money. Through
      tariffs, the South provided as much as 80% of the total revenue in Washington.
      Now, would someone explain how Lincoln could manage without that revenue

  11. Ted says:

    Just another example of Union tyranny and highhanded actions. Its indeed a shame that this break of international relations did not result in an outright war with England which would have spelled the end of the Union Navy and probably guaranteed Southern Independence.

  12. Robin says:

    I very much enjoyed the story. And through reading all the comments I figure I just got a late in life History Lesson.

  13. Sharon says:

    These last comments show readers who would want the United States to be two separate nations. Think how this would weaken our country. If we were divided during World War II, could we give our best UNITED effort to defeat Hitler, Italy and Japan? Remember – united we stand divided we fall!

    • AF Dinkins says:

      So very true, Sharon! But can’t it also be imagined that during ALL our wars – from after the War Between the States to today’s Middle East conflicts – The Confederate States & The United States would stand beside each other as “brothers” fighting a common foe?

    • Christine Lund says:

      It’s who we stand behind that counts.

  14. Ross Glover says:

    You are right Mr. Dinkins. They were all Americans as we are today. Today ancestors of most Americans came after TWBS and hsve not heard stories of that war. Their kin could probably tell some lively stories about their homes in the European wars.

  15. RG Tassin says:

    So much for the moral tone of the Northern Agressors (Ha Ha). Besides attacking ships of sympathising nations, they desecreted churches and burned crops to cause women, children, and dumb animals to starve. This war was not about slaver, but economics!!!

    This was the beginning of the current US govt thinking their way was “Always Right” and no one else had rights and laws in their favor. If it was not in sinc with the “Politicians” of the day’s own thinking, it was ignored despite legalities and traditions!!! All the honor was left off, in order to get their way—the start to the anarchy of today!!!

  16. RG Tassin says:

    The politicians of the Northern Aggressors ignored the laws of the day and the tradicions of the moral waging of war against religious sites, women and children, and neutral countries—much as our politicians of today!!!

  17. ROBERTA says:

    Slavery was/is wrong free labor that built the South and allowed it to rise to power caused jealousy and envy in the North. The WBTS was fought over economic greed (SOUTH) and economic jealousy (NORTH). The immoral consequences of slavery was an after thought in holding the country together. The South had been allowed to keep their slaves but choose to leave the union
    because of their prosperous economics built on a depraved system.

    • Anita Richardson says:

      The South was not built by “free labour”. The initial investment was the cost of each slave. Then the daily cost to feed, clothe and house each of these valuable assets; also including medical care such as it was-and usually administered by the farm (plantation) owner’s wife. I know movies and popular pulp fiction would have us believe that all slaves were beaten and abused on a daily basis. But when you stop and think about the investment made in each person and the fact that the owner’s livelihood depended on a healthy workforce, this doesn’t make lots of sense. Just saying – stop and think.

  18. Steve Gritter says:

    If the economy was so great in the “south” why were confederate dollars practically worthless? The strong economy was in the north, the Union’s industrial might is what won the war. It’s the same way that the allies defeated Hitler, the allies had more troops and the industrial capabilities to keep up with demand. There is no question that in the early years the Confederates had better leadership, however they limited in manpower & equipment.

    • Ray Crawley says:

      Mr. Gritter. You must remember, the Union blockade limited the South’s
      commerce and ability to make profits. Even so, Confederate money was
      of value until after the end of the WBTS.

  19. Steve Gritter says:

    As far as the Brit’s are concerned, I don’t think they would have done anything. The U.S. military at that time was one of the most modern & up to date forces. The Brit’s would not have chanced another war with the U.S., if they had started anything that would have drawn France into the conflict and quite possibly Spain as well, both countries had strong economic ties to the Union and Great Britain was not strong enough to take a war on two fronts.

  20. Robert McKnight says:

    Although a history buff and enjoy the intellectual “sword play”. However, I can still feel the hostility between the two combatants. My family had moved to Texas in 1822. The WTBS caused economic ruin for my ancestors. Having been granted a Mexican Head grant and purchases they owned 7 leagues of prime cotton land. That some where in the area of 37,000 acres.
    They sold cotton to England (via a cotton exchange) and shipped by blockade runners out of Brownsville Texas.
    When the reconstruction government (carpet Baggers) arrived in Texas (after the hostilities). Their primary tool (as is similar to today’s GOP ) was to use legislature to achieve their greedy agenda. Taxes (property) were assesed and were payable only in “green back” dollars or gold. A Texan would and did lose their property because of not having a few hundred dollars to pay taxes at ten cents per acre. The land was sold , at auction, for ten cents on the dollar to carpet Baggers.
    My grandfathers grandfather had six thousand bales of cotton in his warehouse and gin in Robinson county, a Yankee colonel named Bell tried to hoodwink my folks by offering a trunk full of Confederate money for the cotton, warehouse and the gin. He told my folks that there was to be an amnesty between the Union currency and Confederate. We knew this was a lie.
    However, there was nothing to remedy our position because the lack of coin of the “realm”.
    Oddly, the night of the “sale” the warehouse, gin and cotton burned to the ground.
    Incidentally, this is not “revisionist” history. My patriarch did have enough gold to pay taxes on two sections for our family. He also payed taxes on fourty acres per family of his 18 black families. He then transferred (fee simple for a dollar in hand) the deeds to the black families. Several parcels were still their names as late as circa 1950.
    The patriarch of the WTBS family had been a lieutenant in Sam Houston’s Army. He had been a personal friend of Houston. Houston has stumped every county seat in Texas prior to the hostilities in the WBTS began. He all but begged Texans to not succeed from the Union.
    They did and as always my ancestors marched and rode off to war.
    I can remember my grandmother telling a story told to her by an uncle who had fought in the war. He described a battle fought “above the clouds” up yonder inTennessee.

    P.S. I inherited the old bale scales from the Gin I still have them.

    Robert l (Skip) McKnight
    Disabled Veteran
    Pasadena Texas.

    • John says:

      The powers that be rarely mention the great transfer of wealth (stolen) by carpetbaggers once the war was over. My family were successful businessmen in western Missouri who lost everything in similar circumstances to yours. They left Missouri for California after the war never to return. Both my Great-Grandfather, his brothers, and their Father fought for the Confederacy. The lessons I took from this are War is Hell, and never lose!

    • Ronald H. Clark says:

      Enjoyed your writing of family history. One thing though is your improper swipe at today’s GOP. As a proud Republican tending towards the Tea Party, and a Westerner, I can assure you that our sympathies would have been to the South and not to the heavy-handed and immoral North.

  21. paul says:

    I find history very fascinating, and it is right in that it repeats itself as nations rise, crumble and rise again, in a new entity of old mixed stock. There is a valid point on complacency with invasions. For example , waves of Scandinavians invaded Ireland over thousands of years, but no one stopped to think that they may be coming back to seek their ancestral roots .From the Formorians to Vikings to the Normans, and now this government is mixed, and indipendant of England, they have hardly any contact with their homeland, seeing 200 years of Americans as their ancestors, along with some misty European Celticy myths from 500 b.c to 500 a.d, and completely forgetting that Ireland was used by the Greeks, Egyptians and Sumerians, and used by Nomadic Early Mesolithic hunter gatherers from the Russian states region in eight and a half thousand b.c. Ultimately the country of Ireland is Geologically part of Afrika so its nice to know who our ancestors were, but where are we going ? New beliefs of stronger nations don’t help, and is huddling together in fear under our shields the answer, or attack the neighbour to get the bigger better upper hand ? Of course we could all love in peace ? What about that for an answer . Comments please ! Before we lose contact in ww3 scenario?!! Ha ha.

  22. Jeff Fisher says:

    I think it’s quite obvious Mr. Lincoln only wanted to hold on to the southern states for their various agricultural lands, and access to the Gulf of Mexico, and other warm-water ports. Part of the reason so much hostility still exists between north and south today is the rub-it-in-your face attitude so many “transplanted yankees”( if you will) have towards people from the South in-general. Their attitudes are often atrocious to put it mildly, as if we are still not fellow countrymen to use a politically-incorrect phrase, perhaps.

    In-re to the slavery issue itself, I doubt if anybody of a decent nature would dream of supporting such a thing today. In blunt terms, it simply gave Mr. Lincoln an excuse to justify aggression against the south regardless of what historical revisionists try to claim today. Not to sound cold-blooded, but by 1900 or so, there simply wouldn’t have been much economic incentive left for slavery to continue in any case. The tractor and other farm machines would have seen to that by the early 20th century.

    As far as France/Britain go, we ALL owed France a debt from the Rev. War, but that has long since been repaid, of course, and whatever debt(if any) owed to the English has been as well. For the record, at least one of my ancestors did die in TWBTS, and while we personally had little wealth to lose, it does sting to have this thrown in one’s face by arrogant Northern jerks today.


  23. Terri L says:

    I am appalled that someone actually thinks it was okay for there to be African slavery and justified it by saying they had to feed clothes and house those slaves as a cost of doing business. I beg to differ – the slaves fed, clothed and housed themselves by their own work and effort – the same work and effort that fed clothed and housed the master. In addition, they were expected to reproduce and enrich the master – they were not compensated for the taking, enslavement of, sale of or work of themselves or their children as the master was. They received no benefits from being slaves. In addition to the horrors of they lived with everyday, they also had to endure sexual violation – the men and women. Whoever wrote not all slaves were abused – slavery is abuse – wherever and however it is done when there is no end to it.

  24. Jim Earl says:

    My god, so the slavery apologists creep from the diseased woodwork. Treason is treason. And the South committed treason in droves in order to keep their immoral source of income intact. Deal with it, morons.

  25. Jeff Fisher says:

    Note to all yankees in the the southlands– I’m sure there’s no shortage of those ready and eager to help u return to the north…

    In any case, the tactics used by Sheridan and Sherman were war crimes, plain and simple which it does not seem anybody has pointed out here. The same type of tactics were used against the Native Americans afterwards – why not justify that, slime,, since you worship these slime so much(who presumably are in a much warmer climate now if there is any justice at all).

  26. Craig Parkinson says:

    Yes there are two sides to every story and some of you are right and some incorrect. However none of us were alive then but we are now and I wonder how many times have we all pledged allegiance to the United States of America? Now and especially at Christmas time we should all work to make things better instead of insisting our ancestors were right or wishing the outcome was different. Submitted by a former American History teacher and author. P.S. My Great Grandfather was wounded and reenlisted in the army after recovering.

  27. Jeff Fisher says:

    This will be my last comment for now on the WBTS, as I see little point in exchanging insults. After 150 years, it’s unlikely the hostility or outright hatred between north and south will ever truly end. I suspect if there is ever a 2nd Confederacy, it will be considerably larger, with many western states and possibly Alaska as members.

    These points;

    US president Andrew Johnson issued a blanket amnesty to Confederate President Jefferson Davis and all who had participated
    in the war on the side of the Condfederacy. Had they beeen truly traitors a the uninoformed or brainwashed seem to believe, would this have happened. No. They would have been convicted and sentenced to hang.

    Point 2 The northeast and parts elsewhere of the nation are essentially two different nations, and in many ways, separation might well be the best for both sides. Recent history has shown this can be accomplished peacefully as witness Czeckoslovakia’s break-up into the Czech republic and Slovakia. Macedonia peacefully became independent in
    1991 from the former Yugoslavia. And for the most part, the former Soviet Union dissolved peacefully, at least until the wrong people gained control once more in Moscow. The US was founded allegedly so that we could all pursue our preferred way of life, until Mr. Lincoln and his coterie of thugs abolished this as well. It should be interesting to hear the unionists defend this, or explain why President Davis was not executed, etc. etc.

    My apologies for any typos, it is an emotional subject, and I cannot see
    this ending any time soon, if ever. The outright demonization of the South should end as well, but given the like of thos ein charges of the media generally, and of Hollywood, I know it won’t.



    • Deb says:

      The CW has been over for 150 years but it is still fought in the market place and other arenas. It is sad. My grandfather’s grandfathers each lost an arm. One at Battle of Kennesaw Mtn in GA and The other at Gettysburg. They each had to change previous work for work they could do. This so affected their families. It was a no win situation. If I tell the side they fought on then that colors others’ thinking. If I say when/where some of my ancestors came to America that colors peoples’ thinking. To treat others as we think we would like to be treated ourselves would have nixed CW from the beginning. That is not possible in many cases even today. I see a nation divided on so many levels even now. I see a country being misled that the freebies of the earth are the way to live. Live on the government. It makes me wonder if all the sacrifices to make and keep us free have been honored, and especially the God who arranged for us to live free in the first place. I pray that leadership will get right and live right so that we can be free still because a house divided against itself will not, cannot stand. Thanks for all the comments. It has been an interesting read, here and at the Franklin Battle site.


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    The militants/unruly can clone like man in Bangladesh and other countries. But the clone process does not fall within the scientific definition. Their cloning process is that spiritual (jinn/fairy-jinn/fairy is one kind of species) souls having the shape of human body carry some operations to generate a man. So the militants are not of the nation of human being, i.e. the best of the creations (one kind of species). Suddenly men(insane) are disappeared, in most of the cases the militants/spiritual (jinn/ fairy) souls kill them and hidden the body, and if they make a cloning previously the lost man appears again, actually the returned man is a militant too like their cloning. So they are existed in every level of the country from politicians, police, service holders, businessman, rich-poor every where. That is the clone man from a spiritual soul is militant. He who is cloned is militant. No matter where the clone is or the supporting party, implicitly they are all united. Some clone is active militants/unruly. Militant/unruly is not Homo sapiens because they are cloned.

    Introduction: I saw spiritual (jinn/fairy) soul many times. A few people also might have seen them. Spiritual (jinn/fairy) souls are species of a kind. Spirits (jinn) are male and fairs are female. They are spiritual essence. God created them long before the creation of man by solid flame of fire. They do not have any wing, travel at night, have a week sight in day light. Many of them has a fixed residence. They have food, bath and study facility there. They passes childhood, juvenile and senile age. Co-existed with birth-death, disease, sorrow-happiness like other animals. That special natural power given to them is that they can have the shape of animals, like man, cat, dog, snack, insects etc. When a spiritual (jinn/fairy) soul take the shape of human being they do not get teeth in mouth but have gum, with no nail on hand or leg fingers. Then have only one bone (phalanges) in hand thumb. Then they have total 204 bones on the entire body. When the spiritual souls take into human body they can not see at day light. As they have more cone cells in eye retina and less number of rod cells. The fairy never experience menstruation (monthly period). Average age of the species is 100-110 years. They can speak like human voice. When necessary they can stay on human body in the shape of fire flee or other insects. They are very brave, zealous and clever. They entice man to get realized their purpose (cloning). They have Muslim and Hindu community. Even in the holy Quran there is a lesson named “jinn”. Verse no. 72. Other religious books also have depicted about them.

    Training Period: The sprit/fairy/militant first target a man for their man to be cloned from. Then sprit/fair stays at his house. They train themselves on everything of the man like who they want to clone, such as to know name of the family members, relatives and neighbors even his friends with names of every single one, to learn how to call to whom. They spiritually hide in the man’s house to receive the training. Even they will use any nearer militant/unruly to take a physical photo by camera. If the man like whom they want to make a clone of is striding, then the sprit/fairy too study in the subject at their lair, or if the man they will clone is in a profession, they will consume the profession. For example, if the man is a teacher, they will learn property the arts of teaching. If the man is a politician or a student leader, they will learn how to deliver speech. Their training session may have a length from 6 months to 3 years.

    Unruly/Militant’s clone system (though differs from scientific definition): The spirits/fairs/militants carry cloning at their lair (clone factory). They have the shape of the man whom is to be cloned. Keeping likeness to his hair, his height and the tone of voice. Then anesthesia doctors sedated him. The militant dentists set teeth one by one in the month of the sprit/fairy getting in the shape of man. Holding each teeth by chimney they heat the roots of the teeth in electric fire, this was they set incisor, canine, premolar and molar in mouth. As like how these were set in the mouth of the human being. Once the setting teeth is finish, the spirits(jinn)/fairs can not go out or get is other shape. As he has a little come round, the militant eye doctor stars setting previously collected retina in the eyes of the spirits/fairs to enable him see in the day light. This way they also set human nails on fingers of the cline one. This requires them heating the nails in fire. Then the militant orthopedic doctor cuts/broken his both hand’s thumb bone into two pieces (phalanges) by using a machine. Then his body has total 206 bones. During the operation, the clone patient is given saline, injection and liquid food. Finishing these operations and getting properly some round takes him to about 3-4 months. If the man for a clone has bear, then they use hormone injection so that growing bear is accelerated.

    The militant at first take a man like whom one is to be cloned, then they kill him plan-fully and hide the body. If there is a chance, they take out the death’s teeth, eyes and nails and send it to clone lair(clone factory). While burying under the ground, they even not observe a funeral nor give a shed. In the spirits (jinn), fairy there are Hindus also. And is the man for a clone is a Hindu, they do not burn the body of the man, but it is buried under the ground. Because …………….

    For an example, Sharnakamal the house of the Khulna’s top terror Ershad Shikder was a lair for cloning in this way. Here, men were killed and their body was hidden after taking off teeth, eye and nail. So thousands of human skeletons might be found there. From his house, police rescued many human teeth, nail, and eye from inside of freeze as well as different cloning machineries (dentist’s goods). But that cloning secret not know of police, journalism was still unknown.

    Whereas I know the most secret of the militant/unruly that cloning, so they have cloned me one like the elder son of the king of sprits. As such the militants tried many times to kill me. But by the unlimited mercy of God I could have my life spared. Now the militants can kill me at any time. If the militant could killed me and hide the body, then my place will be taken by the son (clone) of the king of sprits and in future, he will be rich;
    There are some spirits/fairs/militants whose can read the Holy Quran in reverse order. After committing the sin, if they feed the man sweetmeat or spelled water the man can never tell anything about their secret cloning process. Those men who have taken the spirits/fairs/militants spelled water or sweetmeat or chocolate can never take that cloning in consideration.

    How can you investigate and research?
    ● To identify the militant/unruly to be a clone man (was sprit/fair) just take an x-ray of their, the thumbs hand check by orthopedic doctor in computer so he will understand that finger bone (phalanges) is cut/broken by machine.
    ● Is a female is clone/militant they will never experience menstruation (because human- insane being female has menses period.)
    ● If their eyes are tested by eye specialists it will be noticed that their retinas are attached by operation to enable seeing at day light.
    ● Their DNA test will report that it is not matching with their parents or other siblings.
    ● Checking by dentists will report that all their teeth are artificially set in gum.
    ● Many militants bear stone made teeth installed in gum.
    ● Many militants/clone can not hold pen as usual. Because of the broken hand thumb fingers (phalanges).
    ● Physician can know by test that their nails are artificially attached.

    > Marriage of a militant man (previously spirit/jinn) to a fairy will give a spirit (jinn) or fairy child.
    > Human (insane ) can not marry a fairy.
    > Marriage of a militant man to a militant woman will give a direct normal child (complete nail and teeth later on).
    > Militant (clone) woman can marry only a militant (clone) man.
    > Man (insane) male can never marry a militant(clone) woman.
    > Militant/clone man can directly marry a woman (insane).

    Conclusion: This way of clone, human resource is killed and hidden and it is giving rise to the number of militants every time, which is totally unknown to human being. Please, investigate/research in the matter to reveal the secret of mater, thereby protect the human rights and resist the creation of militants.

    Reference: 1) Kassasul Ambiya
    2) The Holy Al-Quran
    3) Hazrat Sulayman (A:)
    4) Others Holy Books