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Pricing Changes at Footnote

Thanks for making this such an exciting year at Footnote.

When we opened our doors in January of 2007 we had fewer than 5 million images on the site. Since then we’ve added 2 million images a month and have made improvements to the site. Today you can access more than 42 million images on Footnote. Along the way, we’ve worked hard to keep our costs down and subscriptions affordable.

With challenging economic conditions, the time has come to make a modest adjustment to our subscription fees.

Starting September 1, 2008, the monthly All-Access Membership price will be $11.95 and the annual All-Access Membership will be $69.95 (an additional 83 cents per month for annual members).

To help with the transition to the new prices, we’re inviting users to upgrade to an Annual All-Access Membership at the current price of $59.95.

To purchase an Annual All-Access Membership, go to: This special upgrade offer expires August 31, 2008.

We believe that at these prices, a Footnote membership continues to be a great value and a low-cost alternative to traveling to an archive to access the same records. We hope you agree.

We appreciate your support and feedback and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Best regards,

Russ Wilding

CEO, Footnote


  1. Verna L. Allen says:

    Footnote is still well worth the price. This site has assisted me many times in locating documents for my ancestors. THANK YOU, Footnote.

  2. Mike says:

    Just signed up. I like the site but it is incredibly slow.

  3. Pat Shearer says:

    I have been the Ridgeway Documents site, which states over 10,000 documents, but it is so very repetitious, that I will never complete the search. On every page it will repeat endlessly the same documents that are on previous pages.
    I would not consider joining because of the time it would take to get through just one family name

  4. Raymonda Allen says:

    I love the Dawes packets. You can learn so much from them. I look forward to finding a few lines in the civil war widows packets as soon as they are ready.
    My only problem is I can not access the search site at all. I have not been able to use it for about a week now.
    I hope they get it fixed soon. I tried to access at our local library thinking it was on my side. It was so slow I used up my time on the computer waiting for pages to load.

  5. Diana says:

    I joined back at the end of August and everytime I try to sign on I get “OPS” and there is an error. I cannot access and have to email you each and everytime and then next time same old “OOOOPPPPSSS”. I will not join again and I wonder if it is only me or are others having the same old “OPS”.

  6. J. Casmaer says:

    I want to like the site, but it’s like having dial-up again. Even their site tour crashed. Meanwhile I’m zooming through other websites with our broadband connection. I see Footnote has been plagued by slowness for some years. They have had plenty of time to remedy the problem. This is very frustrating. I may cancel while in my trial period. The documents, if you can find them, may be wonderful, but the quality of service I see is very poor. You’ve had plenty of time to get it together, Footnote, what’s the problem?

  7. John Corn says:

    I logged in this morning for two reasons. To update my account for 1 yr. and to search the Eastern Cherokee applications. Can’t find the Eastern Cherokee Applications, You eliminated my need for this site.
    John Corn

    • Gordon says:


      Thank you for your feedback. The Eastern Cherokee Applications are still available on Fold3 in the “Other Collections” or directly by going to the following link:

      Fold3 Browse