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WWII Documents
This May 8 marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day in 1945. If you have family members who served in World War II, or are just interested in the time period, take a look at Fold3’s World War II Collection, which you can access for free from May 1st to 15th.

The WWII Collection, currently with over 72 million records, has a diverse array of resources to mine, whether you’re interested in historical aspects of the war or are searching for specific individuals who fought in it. A few of the most popular titles in this collection are

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a look at our WWII Collection, you might be unfamiliar with its new and updated titles, which include

WWII Photos
If you’re interested in learning more about VE Day, simply search for “VE Day” on Fold3 to find thousands of matches. Some interesting VE Day finds in the World War II collection include

  • A photo of US airmen in England attending a VE Day ceremony
  • A photo of US soldiers at the front lines on Okinawa listening to news of Germany’s surrender by radio
  • An account of how US Atlantic Fleet Bombing Squadron 127 celebrated VE day
  • An account of Allied servicemen participating in VE Day celebrations in Bermuda
  • The VE Day issue of the newspaper of the XIII Air Force Service Command Asiatic Press

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