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New Military Records from the United Kingdom!

Do you have ancestors that served in the British military? We are pleased to announce that we’ve added nearly half a million new military records from the United Kingdom. Here are some of our new collections:

UK, WWI, 5th London General Hospital, 1917. This hospital on the banks of the River Thames was incorporated within St. Thomas’s Hospital as a Territorial Force military hospital. This collection contains indexed records for 6,972 men and reveals their regiment and rank.

British, French, and Italian wounded soldiers during WWI: Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland

UK, Ireland Army Census, 1911. This collection contains rich details, including birthplace, residence, literacy, religion, employment before enlisting, regiment, and more, for soldiers serving in Ireland in 1911.

UK, Worldwide Army Census, 1911. This census was enumerated in April 1911 and collected information for people living in the British Isles, including the Channel Islands, and those serving overseas. For the first time, this census also enumerated those serving aboard Royal Navy ships.

UK, Rolls of Honour, 1914-1920. This collection contains WWI Rolls of Honour for various cities, towns, villages, and parishes. The rolls might reveal enlistment dates, dates of service, rank, residence, and more.

UK, Highland Light Infantry Chronicle – Index 1908-1920. This indexed list comes from names published in the Highland Light Infantry Chronicle. The list often includes service number, publication date, issue, volume, and rank and service number.

UK, The Times – Index of Casualties, 1914. This collection contains names of British Army non-fatal casualties as reported in The Times. The index includes wounded men, those who returned sick, those who were reported missing, or who became a prisoner of war. This list does not include fatalities.

UK, Princess Mary’s Gift Box POW list, 1914. In 1914, Her Royal Highness Princess Mary, daughter of King George V, and his wife, Queen Mary, appealed to raise funds to send each soldier and sailor a Christmas gift. Men who were prisoners of war did not receive the gift. Following the cessation of hostilities, Princes Mary asked for a list of those who did not initially receive her gift. This collection contains that list of 21,000 names.

UK, University Rolls of Honour, 1914-1918. The First World War interrupted the studies of thousands of young men and women, many of whom served in His Majesty’s forces. This collection contains the names of students from various universities who served in some capacity. It also includes the names of students who died in the service of their country.

Explore these new UK collections today on Fold3® and watch for additional UK records coming soon.


  1. Gayle says:

    When are you going to finish the Civil War service and widow’s pension files? It’s been years since anything was added on them. Really, REALLY need them.

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Gayle, I am anxiously awaiting those records too. We don’t currently have an agreement with NARA to digitize those records, but sure hope to in the future.

  2. fred y trask says:

    when in info on WW II? the Royal Canadian Air Force?

  3. Stephanie Timm says:

    Will there be any records of WW 2 Americans who served in England during 1943-45.. the Friendly Invasion? I visited Deenentrope in 2017 with the 401st Bombardier Group with US Army AIr Corps. Is this all British citizens?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Stephanie, I am not sure if Americans would be included in these records. I would suggest searching by name (try different variations as the name may have appeared in a military record). Good luck!

  4. Shirley ODonnell says:

    Does these records include Royal Navy WW2? My brother (1922-1956) was on a Mine Sweeper.

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Shirley, There are several collections with Royal Navy records from WWII. You can search “Royal Navy” to see what is available.

  5. Paul Daniels says:

    Are there any WW2 merchant navy records on there please?