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New Massachusetts Revolutionary War Records

Do you have ancestors from Massachusetts who served in the Revolutionary War? We have added a new collection, Massachusetts, Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1801.

This collection contains an alphabetized index created by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from primary historical sources. More than 620,000 cards containing service information for Revolutionary War soldiers and sailors were compiled into a 17-volume series, originally published in the 1800s.

Records in this collection may include the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Residence
  • Rank
  • Date and location of enlistment
  • Areas and length of service
  • Date of Discharge
  • Physical description

This collection can provide service details for heroes of the Revolution like Anselm Tupper. Tupper enlisted in the Revolutionary War at age 11. He served alongside his father, Benjamin Tupper, and achieved the rank of Lieutenant by the time he was 17. Following the war, Anselm helped settle Marietta, Ohio, where he lived until his death in 1808. What will you discover about your ancestor’s story?

Explore this new collection of Revolutionary War records today on Fold3®!


  1. Susan F Gould says:

    Looking for any ancestry ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war with the ending of ghoul g o u l d from Massachusetts

    • Linda says:

      Search the Daughters of the American Revolution website for your ancestors.

    • Irene DelBono says:

      Susan, you may want to also look under Guild. Many transcribers make mistakes on interpreting cursive (or even back then when someone else was taking down the verbal information). When I research the Guild family it includes Giles, Gould, Gyld, and Guile. (Probably others!)

    • Dick Lewis says:

      I don’t have information that would help but would be interested in anything you find. My paternal grandmother was born toward the end of the 1800s, was a native New Englander (complete with “downeast accent”), and her maiden name was Gould.

    • Ann Brownlee says:

      Colonel Silas Gould was my 4th great grand uncle. He was born in 1760 in Dunstable Mass. He enlisted in the Army in 1775 when he was only 15 years old. He was married to Thankful Ditson and had a bunch of children. He died in Wilton Maine in 1842

  2. Lisa Egner says:

    Looking for information on Samuel Bloomfield who died as a POW aboard a prison ship in Wallabout Bay June 1777. He left a widow and 5 children behind. I have not found who his widow was

  3. Nathan R. Adams says:

    As it stands of now…..I have 100 ancestors who fought in the Rev War in one form or another. Col. William Prescott is a 3rd Cousin, 6XR. I have the whole Breed’s family line in my Tree. Hence, I do have a lot of connections to the Rev War.

    • John Holden Moore says:

      Nathan, my name is John Moore, I am working with someone trying to get his lineage back to Joseph Breed born Feb 1763 in New London CT. I need to connect him to his son Joseph born about 1790 in New London and died in 1844 in Chenango NY. DO you have any documentation that might show this ???…..thank you……John

    • Arlene Adams says:

      My 3rd & 4th great grandfather John Q Adams & Samuel S Adams may fit that time frame ! Samuel was born in England & then settled in Mahoning Armstrong County Pa ! Being that your last name is Adams also , do any of these fit into your family history ? I cannot trace mine back any further than Samuel ! Not sure when Samuel came to Pa but his son John Q was born in 1832 in Mahoning ! Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you !!

  4. John Hoyle says:

    So you have records for Pennsylvania Revolution War soldiers!

  5. Michael Davis says:

    I will be looking into these Massachusetts records for a Benjamin Davis, who we believe is our 4th great-grandfather from Williamstown, Berkshire County, MA. I likely have several 4th, 5th and 6th great-grandfathers who served from Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut.

    Several of them were residents of the Schoharie Valley, southwest of Albany, New York and south of the Mohawk River. It was the scene of several clashes between the residents against British troops, native Americans under Chief Joseph Brant and the Tory Butler’s Rangers.
    My family names included Mattice, Hager, Zeh, Kast and others. The oldest brother of the Mattice family remained a Loyalist and moved from the valley in about 1777-78 to Canada and he and three sons enrolled in Butler’s Tory unit. They were more brutal than the native Americans in some respects.

    • Tom Rivet says: …. Free site, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. There are 18 volumes, you want vol 4, pages 474 – 475….there are 2 Benjamin Davis listed from Williamstown

  6. Evelynn Herring says:

    I have 3 soldiers from Massachusetts.
    William Goddard
    Shadrack Hapgood and his son

  7. Nancy Ronan says:

    Not in war records yet but I have relative Frank Guild Wheaton who died 5/31/1914 at 62 yrs

  8. Judith Gregory says:

    I’m looking for possible Revolutionary records from the middle colonies. My 4th great grandfather was born in Maryland in 1785. I don’t know who his father was but he would have been about the right age to be in this war.

  9. Allison Connery says:

    My 6th GGF Sgt Samuel Parsons (1751-1842) of Marblehead, Mass served under Col. John Glover and in Col. Lamb’s 2nd Continental Artillery. Info I have says born in Easthampton, LI, NY, enlisted however in Marblehead, Mass and eventually settled after the War in Orange County, NY. Trying to find his parents or siblings from Marblehead, Mass? Long list of Parsons in this record, I’m guessing there must be a brother or two? Possible cousins? Thought I’d post this in case anyone out there has any info I’m not privy to…Thank You!

  10. Looking for family Mckay or Russell who served in the Revolutionary and Civil War

  11. Bette Marye Michael says:

    If you have “All Access”on Ancestry, you may just get military records and old newspaper hints automatically if you have a name on your Tree that is in the new records added. I only use my Tree. Sometimes I am surprised because of new records.

  12. Connie says:

    Does one need to currently have an active account on Ancestry or Fold3 to access Massachusetts Revolutionary War records? I have 1 proven Patriot from Pennsylvania, and 6 Patriots from Kentucky I am working to prove.
    Thank you!

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Connie, We have a number of free collections on Fold3, but this particular collection is only available to Fold3 members. You may be able to find other sources of free archives for your research. Good luck!

  13. Karen Everhart says:

    According to records of John Holmes Niles, written 1875 comes the following about three Niles brothers who, from Wales in 1630, landed on Long Island. Descendant David Niles in 1760 married Sarah Frink; David served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was lost in the battle of White Plains October 28, 1776. He was ill with camp dysentery and after the battle could not be found. Whether he was carried away as a captive or hid himself in a swamp nearby and died there was never known. He left behind four sons, Oliver, Samuel, Jesse and Henry. In 1831, Henry moved his famiy to Huron County, Ohio. As a direct descendant, I also grew up in Huron County, Ohio

  14. Troutman or Trautmann is our family name. Most anyone in America with this name is related to me. If there are any in the database I would love to know about how I can research. Thank you so much.

    George W Troutman
    [email protected]