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The World’s First Footnote Webinar

With a lot of help from the great folks at Family Tree Magazine, we are pleased to introduce the first ever Footnote Webinar.

This free 30-minute introduction to using Footnote covers:

  • Records you’ll find on Footnote
  • Searching Footnote
  • Using the Footnote viewer
  • Creating Footnote Pages

We do our best to make Footnote easy to use (and we’d appreciate any feedback that can help us get there), but there’s so much you can do on the site that a tutorial like this is a great way to get going.

Have a look at the webinar and the Getting the most out of Footnote page and let us know what you think in a comment here or through the Contact Footnote page.


  1. Aline Grandier Hornaday says:

    Sorry, this page cannot be made any louder & at the present volume I can hear someone talking but it is too soft to be comprehensible. So it is useless to me.
    Aline Hornaday

  2. Prissy100 says:

    What are you talking about Aline Hornaday? Turn up your volume on your KEYBOARD!!!

  3. Donna says:

    Mine isn’t very loud either an the volume is up as loud as it will go. sounds like a whisper.

  4. Mike says:

    2 pm ET Thursday 9/24: no link to webinar here, for me. Empty box with tiny glyph between 1st paragraph (“With a lot of help…” and 2nd (“This free…”). Can’t prove it’s not a browser problem but I’m running IE8 like lots of other folks, and get no error message.

  5. Georgia says:

    Same here. Can barely hear it with sound turned all the way up.

  6. Lew Hartswick says:

    I turned up the volume before starting and it about blew out
    my speaker. 🙂 Plenty loud. Interesting lecture. I may
    consider it.

  7. Larr says:

    Volume is okay but sounds like the person is in a large can telephone we made as kids with a lot of echo.

  8. Alicia says:

    I appreciated the volume of the tutorial. The print was small and I downloaded the larger size. I’m happy that there is intereaction and can input info and leave a message for the contact person. Is it public domain and free, or was the tutorial only free? How does a person blog? I’m pleased too that the information can be saved.

  9. Alicia says:

    I had trouble signing in. Oops.

  10. Beryl says:

    After 1/2 hour on a high-speed satellite hook up, this thing still has not loaded.
    It’s a scrub for me.

  11. Don Blum says:

    A very annoying echo or reverb. It sounds like the speakers were active while the microphone was being used to make the recording. It sounds amateurish and discourages me from subscribing. My concern is that if this simple act of recording is poorly done there are probably other parts of also poorly done. db

  12. Howard says:

    My Volume is fine. There are multiple volume controls on PC as well as on webinar. Print can be enlarged by holding Ctrl & rolling Scroll button UP (larger)or Down (smaller) to fit window. Didn’t take time to watch video yet.

  13. Howard says:

    Currently watching Video. Audio is a LITTLE reverb but not bad. I use an Altec Lansing AHS 322 headset because hearing is a little bad. I think the subscription is worth it. I also have USA & world-That is expensive.

  14. Howard says:

    Also have DSL 3mb speed & it comes in fine. A little blip at times but not bad.

  15. Patti Schneider says:

    The “webinar” came through very well for me. The volume is great. I am enthused. .. .Sept 25

  16. Sylvia Turnage says:

    I did not have any trouble with the sound. I enjoyed the video very much and learned a lot about how to access information. I will probably subscribe to Footnote. Thanks for providing this introduction.

  17. Barbara says:

    the webinar that you show would be helpful if you could see what you were talking about the screen was too small to see. If you had a full screen that would be helpfull

  18. Dan says:

    I found the video very informing and has encouraged me to re visit Footnote more often — the sharing aspect seems right on.

  19. Mary says:

    I increased volume on my PC to full…heard everything fine. I enjoyed the tutorial…learned alot about I didn’t know. Looks like a great site. Thanks for the education. It is very helpful. Great Webinar!

  20. Mary says:

    PS I also used the full screen button. It was great. Could see everything very well.

  21. Dennis Gallegos says:

    On a Mac with high-speed by way of Comcast, waited 30 minutes for it to load and gave up…just a “footnote.”

  22. MOI says:

    Interesting video. I appreciate the effort made to communicate directly with the user and to explain the features of the site. I will make a point to visit the site and see what information you may have to assist me with my research.

    The search results you have shown are listed in descending order by number of matches made; further refinement is permissible, which is good. Would it be possible to select or toggle these search results to an alpha listing so the user can more easily select the specific area to view based on topic rather than on quantity of matches? If you are able to provide that capability, you will have further surpassed “Acom.”

    On the negative side, will the ability of “all” users to add to a page eventually create an unwieldy and “mucked up” research experience. If these “enhancements” by users are meaningful, all well and good. However, experience with some “Acom” users and their “trees” would seem to indicate a “disaster” in the making. How are you prepared to deal with such?

    Thank you.

  23. Jan-Louise says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I appreciated the content and the walk through. I was able to enlarge to full screen but the print was a bit fuzzy. Not sure if I could do anything to correct this. I liked the abilty to walk through with you and see how each of the buttons give different options. It looks like a great system to access and something I may ask Santa for… or at least put it on my wish list.

  24. Betty Anerson says:

    Your special offer came through loud and clear. The picture did not load and the volume was way too low.

  25. Suella Fogg Postles says:

    An excellent inftroduction to Footnote. I certainly will be joining when I know I have the time to get the most from the site.

    May I suggest that you make it clear how people can enlarge to full size those small screens that you are discussing. This makes your commentary much more worthwhile.

    Whilst by turning up my volume to full I was able to hear your soft-voiced commentator, I suggest that you might want the site’s volume turned up too.

    Footnote seems most impressive and well worth the subscription rate for people who have time both to use and to contribute to it.

    A well thought out experience, site and opportunities I feel.

  26. Janice says:

    Webinar is helpful. The more I use Footnote the more I learn about finding information. Please offer more webinar tutorials in the future.

  27. sharon johnson says:

    I probably would have enjoyed and gotten alot out of this informational project but my computer couldnt seeem to manage to download enough of it at a time to say more than a few woords at a time between long periods of more downloading. The picture was clear enough and even though i had to turn my speaker all the way up, I could hear it very clearly, that is when he spoke at all. For those of us who have this or a similar problem I guess the printen word on displayed pages would have been better. I’m sorry that it didnt work out for me. I would have enjoyed more info. Oh , by the way, I did get the yearly subscription when I did join, I do hope you have that in your files on me. If you don’t and I was put down for monthly only, please correct that for me, because I wanted the fifty-five dollar deal that you offered when I joined. I have been pleased so far, and I look forward to many wonderful hours researching online on your website. HAPPILY Sharon Johnson

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  29. gary says:

    my dial up is just too slow, sorry