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Do you have ancestors who served in the Civil War? April 1–15, Fold3 will be allowing free access to our Civil War collection to remember the commencement of the Civil War and commemorate Confederate History Month.

With more than 85 million records, Fold3’s Civil War collection provides a wealth of information for both ancestral and historical research. Explore Civil War soldier records, photographs, original war maps, widows’ pension files, court investigations, slave records, Lincoln records, and more.

The collection includes dozens of titles pertaining to the Union and Confederacy, such as:

Join Fold3 during the month of April in paying tribute to those who fought in the bloody war—both North and South—and discover information about famous participants as well as your own Civil War ancestors through documents, photos, and images that capture the experiences of those involved in America’s deadliest conflict. Then commemorate your ancestors by creating or expanding Memorial Pages for them on Fold3’s Honor Wall.

Visit Fold3’s Civil War page for more detailed overview of the collection. Or get started searching or browsing the Civil War collection here.

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  1. Dan Westmoreland says:

    My Great Great Granpaw and his son my great Granpaw were in the CSAA as gunsmiths. Battlefield guns damaged or whatever were brought to them at a small plantation in south Georgia. They were blacksmiths by original trade, After Sherman did his deed the family migrated to the east bank the Mississippi River and camped and worked for a couple years. Finally by 1870 they accumulated funds and bought 1200 acres in SW Arkansas and moved and started a community including school, church and store We are all very proud of them and our family is traced back to the very beginnings of the USA.