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Access the World War II Collection

This Memorial Day season, explore Fold3’s World War II Collection for free now through May 31st.

WWII DocumentsFind your family heroes in Fold3’s vast collection of WWII documents, records, and images, including draft registration cards, Army enlistment records, Navy muster rolls, “Old Man’s Draft” registration cards, missing air crew reports, casualty lists, and more.

You can also explore records that provide historical context, such as Navy war diaries, submarine patrol reports, naval press clippings, JAG case files, European Theater Army records, US Air Force photos, and beyond. Also included are the extensive Holocaust Collection and the interactive USS Arizona Memorial.

WWII DocumentsRecent Fold3 member discoveries in the World War II Collection have ranged from records about members’ fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and great-uncles to information that helped fill in the timeline of a specific soldier’s service.

Once you’ve found your WWII relatives, make a Memorial Page for them—or for anyone who served in a U.S. conflict—on Fold3’s Honor Wall. If a search of the Honor Wall for the person’s name doesn’t bring up an existing Memorial Page, easily create one yourself. Not only can you include documents and images from Fold3’s collections on a Memorial Page, but you can upload records and photos from your own collection and add facts, stories, and memories to the page. Create, expand, or update as many Memorial Pages as you’d like: the Honor Wall is a great way to commemorate your veteran relatives and ancestors and share their stories with family and friends.

Get started searching the Honor Wall here or exploring the World War II Collection here.


  1. Nancy Kelley says:

    Ancestory said that it was free until the end of May. All I see is the 7 day free period.

    • Roberta says:

      You just do a search. In the results list, the WWII stuff you can see for free looks like this:

      WWII Navy, Marine Corps, …Free

  2. George Robert Bartleson, LCDR USN Retired says:

    I am a Retired Navy, Vietnam War and Cold War Veteran, My Dad was a Retired WWII and Korean War Veteran…. I had 2 Uncles that were WWII Veterans and my Grandfather was a WWI Veteran. 3 of us had Combat related injuries. ……. Why are you charging the people who defended this country and sacrificed so much, to see their records ???????

    • Don says:

      Don Quit complaining about being charged. If you had gone to National Archives where this group got the records, you would have paid much more. as I paid over $200.00 to get my ship’s log. They spent much time gathering all these records

  3. Don says:

    Just wanted to add, I am a WWII navy vet service disabled so LCMDR get a life.

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  6. Bruce Gomes says:

    I click on the “free” button but every time I try to actually view any content it forces me to register first – if I register will it let me look at content until end of May? Does this count as my free trial? How is this different from starting a free trial? Thanks!

  7. james gross says:

    bruce- you need to register to use the website. the free access items will be available to you without needing to sign up for paid access. as another option, fold 3 and some other databases like Ancestry are available for free at all (LDS) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, family history centers (FHC). The family history centers welcome all members of the public, regardless of one’s religious affiliation. again, access is non-denominational and free to the public. im a librarian and genealogy reference volunteer, specializing in Jewish genealogy, at my local FHC center. Find your local center at:

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