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Bringing The Wall to Life

Over the past few weeks, response to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial project has been amazing. So many people have come to add their remembrances and pay tribute to family members and friends.Here are just a few examples of what has been added:

 Thank you for bringing life to this project.


  1. Larry Fischer Past Cmdr Amvets Post 1 Mn says:

    To my Wonderful Brother-in-law (and Brother-in-arms) Chris Wilkinson God Bless You for your service to this Country, and to This World, We ALL Love and will miss you until you greet us on the other side! πŸ™‚ It is so ironic that thirty years to the day after you left Vietnam you were diagnosed with Agent Orange related Cancer, and brought “Home” to God’s arms swiftly, and silently…..just like we were taught! πŸ™‚ Jesse Loves you Too!

  2. John Mayfield says:

    I read all the obituarys today. A young man next to me at Tan Son Nhut was killed while I was stationed there in 65. My mothers death this past week brings back my thoughts on deaths in Vietnam. To all the obituarys I read today I wish I could e-mail each one of you and seed my condolences. I wish everyone who lost someone would post it on line. Here thirty years later this seems the best thearpy. My heart goes out to all the fathers and sons that remember there sons from so long ago. I told my mother as she was about to pass we will all see you on the other side. I must beleive this or life would be sad. I left Vietnam 1965 and there is not a day I do not remember where I went and how I returned.

    John Mayfiled
    USAF (ret)

  3. Dale Hartman says:

    I hope this site will place the names with the state or towns that the follow military service personal came from. I joined the service at the age of 16 yrs. of age. Several friends I ran around with prior service joined the service and were killed while I was in the service in Vietnam ( 1963 / 1967 ). I know 7 of them I ran with were killed and heard of others that I went to school with but I never been able to go back home again to live because of knowing that most all the kids I knew were dead. I am now ready to except my friends’ death and wish I could find a listing of names and who all came from Des Moines, Iowa because I have had a mental block of names not wanting to know who all died that I have knowen. Thanks for the space here…Respectfully, Dale

  4. Peter says:


    You can search The Wall by hometown and home state or any of the other pieces of information we have for the men and women whose names are on it.

    Here’s a link to the results for Des Moines, Iowa.

    If you would like to remove Iowa or Des Moines from the search simply click the x above those keywords.

    If you would like to filter your search by some other criteria, choose it from the list of the left of the page.

    Hope that helps.