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CEO Russ Wilding on Glenn Beck

glenn-beck.jpg Earlier today, CEO, Russ Wilding, sat down with Glenn Beck and talked about Glenn Beck perfectly described what Footnote is enabling people to do with their personal histories:

“… all that history is, is just a collection of people and their stories, and this seems to be that connection.”

Listen to the segment here:


Or, you can also catch the interview on TV later tonight – don’t miss it.

Update: Read the transcript of the TV Program that was aired 23 May 2008.


  1. Dear Mr. Wilding:

    Your inspiration and your work igniting that inspiration to life are critical to kindling a better understanding of and a deeper appreciation for those young, young men who gave their lives in defense of freedom in a misunderstood, misrepresented and tragically mismanaged war. These men are no less our heroes than those of any other war or any other era, yet they have been pushed aside, ignored and at times even publicly abused. Your efforts will go a long way to redressing those wrongs and restoring to them the honor they — both those who died and those who gratefully survived — fully deserve. And the remarkable thing is that this will occur one name and one soldier at a time. My hat is off to you, sir.


    Jon C. Martinson

  2. Thank you for helping me find an old dear friend that died in Vietnam, so many years ago.

  3. I too, would like to thank you for this wonderful site. I also having grown up during this time had two brothers, both enlisted as Marines. The way they were treated, the way they suffered from undiagnosed PTSD has been hell for them. They would never talk about it having lost so many friends, they had survival guilt and one still does. I hope, when they are ready they too will come to this site and maybe it will help them.. There were no parades, well after all it was but a “conflict” so similiar to IRAC it is frightening..
    Bless you for this wonderful site, I was able to find a couple of friends that I thought were lost forever.

  4. I found it difficult to find my brother, who was killed in Viet Nam on April 6, 1969. When I entered his name, it said it couldn’t find him. I know he’s there as we have visited the wall. He is on W 27 Line 24, and his name is Thomas Steven De Luca Jr. My husband & I finally found him on the website, but it isn’t easy.

  5. Thanks Barbara. We appreciate your feedback. Right now we are just matching the name with what is found on the database, unfortunately it was listed as ‘Deluca’. We are working on making names like ‘De Luca’ and ‘Deluca’ both findable.

    Thank you for your photos and comments you added to Thomas De Luca Jr. name on the wall.