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Footnote launches and announces partnership with National Archives

Today we officially launched Footnote, making more than 4 million images available online through a special partnership with the National Archives.Many of these images are available for the first time on the web.

You can read the press release about the partnership with NARA on their site or on our site.

You can see some samples by clicking on the images on this page. A free registration is required to view them.

We’ll post more details about the new site later.

Footnote and NARA contract signing

Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein (left) and Footnote, Inc. CEO Russell Wilding sign the partnership contract.


  1. This is fantastic news. How much detail will be share about what types of documents will be scanned and with what priority? Are there plans to duplicate any work already done by commercial organizations (e.g. – the 1930 Census, or Ship Lists)?

  2. Our initial focus is on the major events of American history, and we’re generally looking for information about major military conflicts, human rights, and the growth of the nation.

    We won’t comment in any detail about our publication plans. We do think it’s important to give customers a better idea about what percentage complete a given title is, and what new material is coming soon. Please watch the site for information of both kinds.

    If anyone has suggestions about content that they think would be helpful to them, we like to get those, and we listen to them. Please feel free to tell us how to make better for you.