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Military Yearbook Collection, 1900-2011


When researching military history, one often overlooked source is military yearbooks. Before embarking into military service, every member of the US Armed Forces received specialized training in camps, bases, and training facilities, across the country. All branches of the US military have published yearbooks. Graduates could purchase them when they completed training. Much like a high school yearbook, military yearbooks contain names, photographs, and details from a serviceman or servicewoman’s training. Fold3 has a collection of 108 military yearbooks. They contain more than 157,000 indexed names and nearly 17,000 images. These yearbooks date from 1900-2011. Here are some examples of what you might find in this collection.

Advanced Flying School, Army Air Forces (1943): Based in Phoenix, the yearbook for the Class of 1943 Aviation Cadets at Luke Field includes indexed photographs of the cadets, information about their training, recreation, and details about Chinese pilots that trained alongside them. After graduation, some of these cadets would make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. One example is Peter A. Boele. After leaving Luke Field, he was assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing, 55th Fighter Squadron. On May 25, 1944, 2nd Lt. Boele was shot down near the Netherlands and crashed into the sea. His yearbook photograph is on a page with 13 other cadets – nearly half of whom died while serving their country.

Citizens Military Training Camp (1923): Between the years 1921-1940, the military held training camps that allowed men to obtain basic military training without an obligation for active duty. This yearbook is from the Citizens Military Training Camp (CMTC) at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. In 1923, 25,000 men attended a CMTC where they trained in physical fitness, good citizenship, and the importance of serving in a time of need. This yearbook contains rosters, photographs, and histories.

US Army Training Center, Infantry (1969): Some soldiers fighting in Vietnam first attended Basic Training at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. From the moment of arrival, soldiers underwent rigorous physical and weapons training, drills, and inspections. The specialized training helped our fighting forces prepare for jungle warfare in Vietnam. This yearbook contains indexed photographs and a history of a soldier’s time spent at Fort Bragg.  

US Coast Guard Academy (1925): Located in New London, Connecticut, the Coast Guard Academy helped prepare future Coast Guard Officers. Particularly noteworthy in this yearbook is the collection of photographs and biographies for those attending the academy.

Explore our Military Yearbook Collection on Fold3. If you have a military yearbook or Unit History that you would like to donate to this collection, please contact us at [email protected]. We can digitize your book and return it to you undamaged. Help us preserve these important military records and make them available for others to explore free of charge. See our entire collection of military records on Fold3 today!  


  1. nancy says:

    Do you have the name Alan Whittier Lowell in any WWII era yearbooks? Camp Blanding, Camp Rucker , Camp Robinson, or other!. Thanks!

  2. PLEASE – Any yearbook that would have information on Kermit H. Rice of Parker, Idaho who served our country during WWII in the US Army Air Corp in the Aleutian Islands and later in Tampa, Florida. Family has been told his military records were destroyed.

  3. John A. McHardy, Jr says:

    My father, John A. McHardy, served with the artillery at Fortress Monroe, VA in 1917. Is there a book from that post? My service with the Judge Advocate General Corps from 1967to 1987 at Fort Sam Houston, TX; (1967-71)The JAG school at Charlottesville VA (1967-71) US. Army Judiciary Vietnam, (1971-1972)and Nuremberg and Mannheim, Germany (1972-76, Ft. Rucker AL US Army Safety Center(1976-79), US Army Proving Ground, Dugway, UT, (1979=87) Any records of those posts or assignments?


    f.t. Mead, MD 1st US Army (1979-82)

  4. Lynda Rushing says:

    Do you have any information on Odell Byers? He had a yearbook that was lost. 68th Medical Regiment, 2nd Army, Company D, Camp Grant or Camp Forrest, 1942.

  5. My brother, Donald Brian Saunders, began his U.S. Regular Army Basic Training at Fort Benjamin Harrison, then completed his Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. He was then stationed at Fort Ord, California. He purchased a year book at Fort Ord. I believe the year was 1963/1964. He was with the same group as Gerry Lewis, of the band Jerry Lewis & the Pacemakers who wrote in his yearbook. Don is deceased, his yearbook has gone missing, and I’m the sole surviving member of his family. I would love to see a copy of, or buy a copy of my brother’s yearbook. Thank you.
    Bonnie Saunders (now Maitland)

  6. Bernard Snider says:

    Do you have any information on Orin Loraine Snider from Kearney, Neb from about 1935 through 1945? He was in the ARMY. Thanks for any information.

  7. Marcy Fralick says:

    I have my Dad’s WWII 44th Infantry Division yearbook, and it’s wonderful. My dad wasn’t mentioned, nor were there any photos of him, but there were of his Medic group and his company. Along with his journal and all his photos, it’s a pretty complete account of his tour of duty in Europe from 1942-1945.

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Marcy, If you would be willing to let us digitize your dad’s yearbook, we can return it to you without damage. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you are interested. Thanks.

  8. Lisa Augustine says:

    Hello, Do you have yearbooks for Camp Robinson in Arkansas during WW2?

  9. Robert C Walls says:

    do you have Camp Blanding in Florida

  10. Sharyn Marvin says:

    Do you have any information on George Marvin Thompson from Northwood, Iowa. He trained at Camp Blanding, Florida. He was in the 36th Infantry Division.

  11. Sherri Corcoran says:

    I’m looking for my dad’s info Roger Lee Corcoran. I have his yearbook I believe its 1953 in California probably San Diego. I just want to know how long he has been in Navy. I have a few pictures. I will be happy to send you the yearbook but I need it back…
    Also curious about Roy Otis Mayo – believe he involved in Korean War in 1950-53?!?

  12. Maureen R McNeill says:

    Do you have any books for Parris Island for 1947?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Maureen, It looks like we have several years of Parris Island (including 1945) but not 1947.

  13. Eileen says:

    My father, John F O’Brien, was a gunner on a B-17 in WW2. Served at Deopham Green in the UK and was a POW. Do you have info on him?

  14. Michael Barney says:

    Any information for a Benjamin Barney Navy WWI, or Edwin Barney marine corps WWII would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Gail Smith says:

    Any listing of Fannie C Johnson who was a nurse during WWII. She was from Malone, Florida . She would have joined the nurses corps in 1942 or 1943

  16. Julie says:

    Anything on Marvin Franklin brown USMC viet nam, career marine


  17. Bernie Brown says:

    Looking for Gerald LaGrand Brown USAF 1951-1953 Korea.. Stationed at Brady Air Field, Japan as a fuel specialist.

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