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New Women’s Records on Fold3!

Fold3 Image - British WWI Honourable Women
March is Women’s History Month. Come explore two of Fold3’s newest collections of women’s records: British WWI Honourable Women and British WWI Service Women Casualties.

British WWI Honourable Women
This collection is a reproduction of a book entitled Honourable Women of the Great War & the Women’s (War) Who’s Who. The book gives brief biographies of more than 200 British society women who participated in the WWI war effort through nursing, charitable work, etc. Photos of some women are also included. In addition to discussing the women’s war work, each entry provides a wide range of genealogical and social information, such as parents’ names, husband’s name, marriage date, hometown, hobbies, club membership, and more. The book’s entries are arranged in alphabetical order by surname. However, note that many of the married women included in this book are referred to by their title or surname only, or by their husband’s name or initials, rather than by their given name.

British WWI Service Women Casualties
Like the title indicates, this index documents British servicewomen and nurses who became casualties of World War I. Early in the war, women were primarily involved in the war effort through nursing, caring for refugees, and assisting and caring for wounded servicemen. But as the war progressed, women’s branches of the armed forces were created, and as a result women also served in organizations such as the Women’s Army Corps, Women’s Royal Navy, and Women’s Royal Air Force. On Fold3, this index is organized first by the organization the woman served with, then by given name in alphabetical order.

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    I’m still hoping you will do the “Women’s emergency Corp” soon. My mother was part of that during WWII and they were trained to do minor mechanics on military vehicles among other things. She was still in high school. My Grandmother also was in another part of it I think more on the community side of support for the troupes.
    They belonged to the ?unit? from Tacoma, Washington. About all I could find was that they were through out the US.

    • Betty M. Brown says:

      We Americans owe sooo much to ALL of the service men & women that served in World War 11 !!!

      My husband served in the Pacific during the war. He was in the NAVY! Our first child was born when he served over there!! She was 6 months old when he first saw her!! Lets us never forget what was done by so many for so long!!!!

      God Bess America—–FOREVER & FOREVER !!