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Records from the New York State Military Museum

In a partnership with the New York State Military Museum in Saratoga Springs, Fold3 has digitized nine titles documenting hundreds of thousands of men who served in the New York National Guard (NYNG) and other New York regiments for conflicts from the Civil War to World War II, as well as the peace-time years between.

NYSMM - Physical DescriptionPublished lists of commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of regiments organized in the state of New York during the U.S. Civil War can be found in the 8-volume New York Civil War Regiment Lists. The introductory material in some volumes provides historical context for regimental formation, like this 1861 act authorizing a volunteer militia.

Service records and cards are perhaps the most enlightening records as they typically include physical descriptions like height, weight, hair color, eye color and identifying marks. In addition to enlistment and discharge dates, some cards also provide dates and places of birth, occupations, relationships, and residences. In the New York National Guard Personnel Jackets, a document for 18-year-old John P. Badger of the Malone Armory provides his physical description where he also names his father as emergency contact, and a card with his fingerprints. Other such titles include:

Rosters of the New York National Guard can also be found in the New York State Adjutant General Reports, 1846-1995. Depending upon the year, the volume may include documents and reports of federal agencies, photographs, notes on flight and ground training, personnel, and organizational charts. There are 149 volumes, although not every year from 1846 to 1995 is available.

NYSMM - Pistol MatchShooting matches are a National Guard tradition, supported by the Adjutant General. New York National Guard Shooting Matches are digitized publications which include results of the matches from various years between 1924 and 2008. As an example, in the rifle match within the 1935 Governor’s Match, Capt. Devereux of the 107th Infantry scored 100. He also received the high individual score of 97.5 in a pistol match that year. He must have been quite a shot.

Two photograph collections are also part of the NYSMM publications: New York State Military Museum Photos (Civil War – Vietnam War) and WWII 27th Army Division Photos. They include thousands of images like portraits, group photos, equipment, armories, and other subjects pertinent to the New York regiments.

Each of these nine New York titles brings intriguing historic records of guardsmen and their regiments to Fold3 subscribers.


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