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Site Coming Down While We Move On Up


Adding millions and millions of images to the site has finally caught up with us. Our servers have outgrown their home and we need to move them to a larger facility.

We’re planning to make the move in the morning hours of August 4, and it may take up to 12 hours to complete.  The Footnote website will be unavailable from midnight through about noon Mountain Time on August 4.  We’ll use our twitter account to post any updates to the schedule as we work on the move.

We’re sorry for this inconvenience, but are looking forward to having the space to keep adding images to Footnote by the millions.


  1. Trish Walls says:

    I have been using your site for 2 years now and I am wondering why do you not have other states in the vital records section besides Teaxs. It would be wonderful to find vital records in all states.

  2. Peter says:

    Trish, thanks for you question. Most vital records are housed at county or state level and most of our work has been with the National Archives. The Texas opportunity was sort of unique for us. Our focus has been (and will be in the future) more on military records.

  3. C.Baker says:

    Is that why it’s SO SLOW browsing today. The search function is taking forever and I can’t get it to move along. I just signed up today, now I’m wondering if it was worth it.

  4. Jean Bain says:

    I am also having problems downloading today. Last night when I signed up it was working no problems and now it is taking forever…….

  5. Peter says:

    C and Jean, sorry for the slowdown on Saturday. It wasn’t related to the down time we are planning this week, but it was a server problem. Our IT folks got on it and had it fixed pretty quickly, so hopefully you were able to get back to using the site not long after posting these comments.

  6. Ann Weightman says:

    Are you going to add new filters. Your site is not the easiest to search.

  7. Peter says:

    Tonight we’re just moving the servers to a larger space, there won’t be any change in the functionality of the site.

    What filters would you like to see added and how would you like to see them work?

  8. Sam E. Pennartz says:

    today is Thursday, the date is 18 Aug 2011….what has happened to the website?

  9. Paul says:

    Why has the site been down for two days?

  10. Can’t get on anymore. I was accessing just fine until yesterday, August 17. Any suggestions?

  11. cindy casey says:

    I can’t access the website at all. Has it been shut down for maintenance?

  12. Don Bible says:

    Can’t access the site …trying for two days.Is it going to be like this???

  13. Mark H. says:

    Our SCV camp is thinking of buying an account, but we just heard that Fold3 is having lots of problems with being able to log in. Can anyone tell us when this problem will be fixed. If this is going to be an on going problem, we either need to wait till all the issues are fixed or find a different site.
    Account holders we know are having trouble getting online. They have told us it may not be worth buying rt now.
    Please advise us of the issuess and when they will be resolved..