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Spotlight Your WWII Veteran on Our Social Media Channels!

Do you have a veteran that fought in WWII in your family tree? As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, we want to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed so much. Beginning on Memorial Day and throughout this summer, we are featuring WWII veterans on our social media channels, and we’d love to include your soldier!

How can you participate?

  1. Create a Memorial on our Honor Wall. Search your veteran’s name on our Honor Wall here. If they already have a Memorial, you can add additional details, photos, and stories to it. If they don’t have a Memorial, you can create one. This video tutorial walks you through the process. Creating a Memorial is free and helps preserve your veteran’s military history for future generations. Be sure to include regiment, unit, or battalion, and as many searchable details as you can. You can also attach records, stories, photos, journals, and more. Visit our Honor Wall to see examples of other Memorials.
  2. Next, send us a URL link to your Memorial with a short summary of your veteran’s service. Remember, a social media post has to be BRIEF. Send it to [email protected]. You can write a longer version of your story and attach it to your Memorial. We’ll include your veteran’s photo in our social media post along with a link to your Memorial page.

That’s it! We’ll honor as many of these WWII heroes that we possibly can in the upcoming months. Follow Fold3’s social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and watch for your veteran!


  1. Patricia Marshall says:

    My father was in the medics. He was first in Fort Devens,Mass. I believe for training. Then he was overseas in England. He served for 4 years. He was from Staten Island New York. His name was John J. O’Neill. He came home on the Lake Champlain on June 15,1945. He was originally from County Cork, ireland.

    • Ann Bachman says:

      Hi Patricia, I just happened to pop in here, and since they sent me an email. I was surprised to read your comment and find that we are both related to some O’Neill’s from County Cork. I wonder if we could be cousins! If you think we may be and would like to find out you can email me at [email protected]

      Looking forward to hear from you,

      Ann Bachman

  2. Michael Whitworth says:

    Is this for British veterans too?

  3. Is this Memorial wall for US soldiers only? I have two WWII veterans with very interesting stories who I’d love to spotlight but they were Canadian citizens.

  4. Bev Roth Hammrich says:

    How do I correct an error on the memorial wall entry?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Bev, did you create the Memorial? When a Memorial is created you can choose to allow others to add information or not. If you Memorial allows you to make edits, you can update the information. If it has been created by another member and is private, you can contact that person and suggest the change. Hope this helps.

  5. I am a WWII 93 year old F/1c US Navy veteran serving in the Pacific at P.T. Boat Base 17, Bobon Bay, Samar, in the Philippines for a short time until the end of the war. The atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in August 1945 which save my life and many others. Our job was to prepare P.T. Boats for d-commissioning. They were later burned after I left Base 17. I served 8 additional years in the Naval Reserve Center in Columbus, Georgia. I have been a member of the P.T. Boat Association for many years. Are there any other P.T. Base 17 veterans still living?

    • Shirley Headley says:

      Mr. Dorsey, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service to our country. After noticing your age, I realized how much this country has gone through during your life, and unfortunately, all of it has not been good as we have had so many military wars, or undeclared wars as Vietnam. God has blessed you with a long life, and I pray you have many more years to come. My dad started out in the Calvary in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the Army, later he was in the Air Force, retiring with 30 years of service. I also have several other family members who have served or are still active duty. I appreciate what all service men and women have given to this country. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

    • Did you no my grand father Lloyd Henry Pahrmann

  6. I know that the US Navy records were burned but I cannot find my father’s service. James Bernard Harding Yeoman Sampson Naval Base NY

    Nor Estelle Rutkowski Tesmer who was an Army nurse from Utica, NY

  7. Guy C. White 11 says:

    My uncle Paul Thomas Mclaughlin from Hamden, Ct. was a machinist mate during WW11, He survived having 3 destroyers destroyed under him and he survived all three attacks. He was in the Atlantic fleet,

  8. Larry Collins says:

    My father James W. Collins served during WW2 US Navy aboard a floating dry dock ARD 4. His brother Robert J. Collins USN WW2 was also a MM3 Machinist Mate.
    My brother James R. Collins served 22 years as a explosives ordnance disposal diver and was a US Navy Master Chief, My Wife served USN 2 years as a Yeoman YNSN, I, Larry L. Collins served 4 years as a US Navy BMSN During Vietnam , our son served USAF during Desert Storm go NAVY

  9. Mary Hogan says:

    My Husband’s Uncle. James Hood Wilson Hogan AIF service number
    Q122735. He Served in WW11 but I don’t know if he went overseas. My Husband is not alive so I can’t get any further information about his Uncle perhaps you can reveal that as I have subscribed to your Fold3 on 13 th Apr. My husband was a returned Serviceman as follows:
    Douglas Bell Hogan RAAF Service no. A119073. He served with 2 Sqn Sth Vietnam at Phan Rang with the Canberra Bombers 1970-71

  10. Mary Hogan says:

    It appears this is just an American page and I am Australian

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Hi Mary, we have Australia WWII service records and would love for you to contribute a Memorial!

  11. Katherine L Gruys says:

    Are you including merchant marines?

  12. David Hegdahl says:

    My dad Don served on the USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) Sep 42-Oct 46, fought at the invasions of North Africa, Normandy, Southern France, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Escorted the USS Ranger in the raid on Bodo, Norway, and landed Norwegian troops on Spitzbergen; a Bluenose and Shellback. After the war they flew the flag in Shanghai, and ferried troops home from Guadalcanal as part of Operation Magic Carpet. He was on the ships decommissioning crew in Philadelphia, getting home to meet his first new son, me, on the day I was born.

  13. My father served in the 75th Infantry Division in WWII.He was in an Anti Tank Company. He entered the army upon graduation from high school in Cleveland, OH in 1944. He arrived in Europe at the tail end of the Battle of the Bulge in January 1945. During the post war period, he was stationed Metz, France where he met a young French woman, who was working for the US Army as a translator. A few years later, he married her.

  14. Jack C. Smith says:

    My Uncle Sgt Isaac B. Piercy USA, SN 6852926 was captured on Corregidor May 1942 and was a slave laborer in Philippines and shipped to Japan on the Noto Maru arriving 7 Sept 1944. He was interned at Hiroshima #4 Mukaishima Island and used in the ship yards until liberation on 12 September 1945.
    He passed away March 1989

  15. Marjorie Berry says:

    My Uncle, Carl H. Shutley was in the Army in WWII and was wounded Dec. 7, 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbour.

  16. Penny and Les James says:

    My great great grandfather Joseph Warren King (1835 – 1879) serviced in civil war. I was thinking he was a Sargent. He was from Indiana. I had thought he had been wounded. I would like more information if anyone had some.

  17. My father was on the USS Cuttlefish for most of the war. His name was Harold Lauck Sager and he was a 90 day wonder, graduating from Uni. of North Carolina and going through training in Annapolis before being assigned the USS
    San Francisco in1940-41. From there he wen to the USS Cuttlefish. Does Anyone remember him. He was a lieut. JG.

  18. My father was a teacher in the army during the war. and my Cousin Richard Watt served in the European theatre during the war.

  19. John J Hoefs says:

    My uncle, PFC John Albert Koppi, of Minneapolis, MN served in the Army, the 406 Infantry, 102 Division termed the “Ozarks”. He was killed in battle on November 20, 1944. I understand that he entered Europe at Cherbourg, France and that he was killed while crossing into German territory. I would like to discover his route and his likely place of death and the battle he fought. I would like to travel that route if he can discover it. Can anyone help with that?

  20. Walt Nelson says:

    My brother Byron enlisted in the Air Corps in 1942. He said he joined theAir Corps because he couldn’t swim and did not like to march. He went to England on a B17 with the Billie Blackman crew, they were assigned to the 418th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group (Bloody 100th). When they arrived it was a10 man crew but reduced to 9 men to carry additional bombs. My brother was the one taken off and assigned to maintenance. The plane went down New Year’s Eve 1944. My brother had survivors guilt and worked to get on another crew. He was assigned to another crew and flew a number on missions. It was work to get him to talk, he died in 2012.

  21. robert c jabon says:

    My older Brother Joe Jabon served on the USS Biloxi in the Pacific Theater from 1942-1945. He flew in the back seat of the observation float plane, the OS2U, that would be launched from the ship. He flew many missions and the Biloxi was struck twice by Kamikaze planes but he came home without a scratch to retire in Seattle. He passed away in 1996 from ALS.

  22. Lesley Wittingslow Roksandic says:

    My father, Albert Patrick Wittingslow and his brother Thomas George Wittingslow both fought during WW11 and were captured when Singapore fell and spent the rest of the war on the Burma railway. On the memorial wall at Ballarat there is also another Wittingslow who must be a cousin

  23. Ortiz Lucas says:

    This article was such a fantastic read that I will definitely
    recommend it to the family members! The previous time I’ve read
    something as professionally written was with here at Thank you to your
    professionalism and also an eye for the details. Will
    be happy to read more of your own writing!

  24. Howard R. Lowe says:

    I am an NROTC grad – Univ. of Texas. I served in both the European and Pacific Theatres. I was Gunnery Officer on LST 620 during the Normandy campaign. I was deployed to the Pacific and severed as the Executive Officer on LST 459 in the later part of the war in the Philippines. When the war ended we were located at Subic Bay, PI where we were staging for the Kyushu invasion scheduled for November 1945. The atomic bomb probably saved my life and thousands more.
    I remained in the Ready Naval Reserve until 1958 when press of international business travel made it impossible to remain active. My final rank was Lieut. Commander.

    At 96, I am lucky .. my wife and i reside in a upscale retirement facility in Ft.Worth, Texas. Nearby we have a daughter & husband & 2 adult grandkids. Also, a grandson & his wife & 5 kids. He served 10+ years as a Naval Aviator during the Iraq/Afghan War. His younger brother is an NROTC grad and served 8+ years on active duty – destroyers and SEALs. In fact, these two are 4th generation Navy – their Dad was Navy in Viet Nam. My father served 21 years (1906-1929) – WWI on submarines .. retired as Chief Machinist Mate.

    We are all proud we served,

  25. Gwen Ruby says:

    Is this for only USA or does it apply for Canadian soldiers too?

    • Jenny Ashcraft says:

      Gwen, we have a number of UK and Commonwealth WWII collections, but at this point, not a collection specific to Canada. We do have a number of Memorials for Canadian soldiers.

  26. I want to thank fold3 for helping me with finding all of my ancestors military records. I looked for record on my 2nd great grandfather in the Civil War. Then as a lark, I looked up his brothers and found all of them were in the Civil War except one. These guys were in Confederate Army Regiments and most were privates. Brothers and cousins would often join the same regiment and company. Then I searched for all of my 2nd Greats and found they ALL fought in the Civil War. Only 2 were killed and they were brothers of a 2nd Great. Only died of disease before ever fighting in a battle and the other also died of disease. I made a binder of all of these Civil Warriors. I could not have found them without fold 3. Thank you so much.

  27. deborah h seidner says:

    My father, Robert Marcus, was a singer in This is the Army.

  28. Karen Wellen says:

    My father, Captain Milton Wellen, passed away four months ago. On May 22, he would have turned 100. He served in the Army, stationed in the South Pacific. After he returned home, he started a business with his brother in Brooklyn, New York. It’s still going strong, run by my brother! Harry’s Discount became a legend, as did its founder!