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WWII Draft Registration Cards

Example WWII Draft Registration Card
Fold3 has added 8 new U.S. states and territories to its collection of WWII Draft Registration Cards! The collection (via the National Archives) now includes North Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Mexico, Washington DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The cards in this collection are registration cards for the draft and do not necessarily indicate that the individual served in the military.

There were seven draft registration periods in the United States for World War II service. The first draft registration was held on October 16, 1940—before the United States had entered the war. Men ages 21—36 were required to register at their local draft board. The second draft registration was also held prior to the American entrance into the war, on July 1, 1941. This registration was for men who had turned 21 since the previous registration date nine months earlier.

The third (February 16, 1942) and fifth (June 30, 1942) registration periods expanded the ages required to register; the age ranges for the third were extended to 20–21 and 35–44, while the fifth extended them to ages 18–20. The sixth registration (December 10–31, 1942) was for men who had turned 18 since the fifth registration six months prior. There was also a seventh registration, known as the “Extra Registration,” from November 16 to December 31, 1943, which was for American men ages 18–44 who were living abroad.

The cards from the fourth registration (April 27, 1942; for men ages 45–64) are not included in the WWII Draft Registration Cards but in Fold3’s WWII “Old Man’s Draft” Registration Cards collection.

Information on the WWII Draft Registration Cards may include the man’s name, address, telephone number, age, place of birth, country of citizenship, name and address of the person who will always know the registrant’s address, employer’s name, place of employment, and a description of the registrant.

One example of a draft card is that of John Ralph Brabble of North Carolina, pictured below:

Example of damaged service record

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  1. looking for — Donald T Golden – Cumberland,Md. Howard Golden – Cumberland,Md

    Howard Keith Taylor –

    • Do you know what year they were born? Have you already looked in Ancestry?

    • Donald Golden
      Gender: Male
      Birth Date: 20 Nov 1924
      Death Date: 20 Sep 2007
      Branch 1: ARMY
      Enlistment Date 1: 27 Nov 1945
      Release Date 1: 7 Mar 1947

      Donald Thomas Golden
      [Donald T Golden]
      Gender: Male
      Race: White
      Birth Date: 20 Nov 1924
      Birth Place: Cumberland A, Maryland
      Death Date: 20 Sep 2007
      Father: Edgar J Golden
      Mother: Julia E Henderson
      Type of Claim: Original SSN.
      Relationship of Signature: Signature name differs from NH’s name.
      Notes: Dec 1942: Name listed as DONALD THOMAS GOLDEN; 29 Sep 2007: Name listed as DONALD T GOLDEN

      No image available on these records if this is your ancestor. Pulled from Will check fold3 for additional possibilities

  2. Please do Missouri as soon as possible. Thanks.

  3. They had better add far more than Draft Cards (BTW available from Ancestry). When I search for CW, Spanish War, Border Wars, WWI or WWII they don’t have much of anything on service records! Lots of monthly roster reports from the commanding Officer, but not much else.

    The affiliated has double crossed all of us by keeping new newspapers out of reach unless we pay another $99. That is BS!! Totally Unacceptable.

    • I had to request my Dads records from an office in Missouri. They lost a lot of them in a fire in the early 1970s.

    • I agree! That’s pretty sleazy. Must be a Politician in the management.

    • Check out I also go to the Mormon Family History Library. The subscribe to Fold3 and newspaper archives. City of Virginia Beach library has New Journal and guide online under genealogy tab Membership not required

    • I agree!


    • Very true!


  4. I have never found anything worth while in either one of them. It is a shame. I’ m a lot subscribe. They need to get with the program.

  5. I absolutely love finding my subject in the draft reg cards. They give added info I often don’t find any place else–at least not on-line. Most cases including height, weight, employer’s name, and the draftee’s own signature. Of course, I obtain most all of them through Ancestry.

  6. I subscribed to Fold3 and find nothing about my ancestors who I know served. Sorry I paid out the money. I won’t do it again.

    • The BEST bet for finding Military records, I have found, is the National Archives. Yes there was a fire in the 1970’s in the records in St. Louis, that destroyed Marine and some Navy records, but I’ve never been able to get Army records from there either. The National Archive found my Fathers Marine records 1926-1932 and even called me to get additional information to insure it was the correct records. I received the complete record in about 4 weeks and it cost $60.00. I use Fold 3 at a Family History Center, but have never found much and my family is documented to have fought in the Revolutionary War. The Native American records include original Dawes registration Packets

    • I use fold3 as an additional tool for my research. I was able to find pictures of one of my cousins who served in Vietnam as a radio/signal personnel . His daughter was so excited to see her father at that age and he said it was certainly a surprise to him that the pictures were available . It’s all about skill on any search site that you use. I’m just saying…
      My brother who also served in the Marines during the Vietnam conflict ( Purple Heart) was radio recon. I think that’s how they clasify it.
      I have all of his military records from 1967 to 1970. He served 2 tours in Vietnam and yes, the records were sent to me from the National Archives. Not sure how much I paid but don’t think it was 60.00 dollars.


    • I suppose it depends on what what you are looking for as what it is worth to the researcher. To get the entire military records of someone are well worth $60, since it was over 100 pages and gave every detail of his military service plus pictures – all 6 years. But if I was looking for someone who was in the military more recently Fold 3 would be one of the places to look.

    • If you do not intend to pay again, be sure you go to your account and click on do not renew or similar wording. If you don’t, you will be on an automatic renewal.

  7. The draft cards provide additional info about the subject and also spouse name on some of them or at least next of kin. I have found them to be very helpful in researching.

  8. The article is not clear. It start by announcing additional State registations being added, but then explains about the seven drafts. Does it mean that those States that were added include the additional six drafts (over the Old Man’s Draft)?

  9. I looked in fold3 for my dad, uncle and grandpa (all of whom served, either in WWl or WW2) and couldn’t find anything. Fortunately I do have the actual draft and discharge for WWl for my grandpa but wanted to see if there was any other info. Nothing for my dad and uncle. Maybe Washington state isn’t on fold3 yet?

    BTW – I have found so much on Ancestry and I’ve only been researching for two weeks. Civil war info is very detailed–my great-great grandpa died at the Battle of Vicksburg. Found a great narrative about the battle and his battalion from Indiana. Even have a picture of his headstone from another family tree. Love the ability to share info with other researchers.

    • Great! I am an ancestry member for 20 plus years and I love it. My family history is well documented both paternal and maternal . Also DNA matches were on target to my cousins that we share grandparents g- grandparents etc.
      Happy hunting…

  10. The Army misspelled my grandfather’s middle name. I can’t find anything but his draft registration in WWI.

  11. And what about the United States Coast Guard? My Dad was on a WWII destroyer escort and yes he saw action. Why are they excluded?

    • My husband was in the Navy 1943 – 1945 and served on a destroyer escort DE 137. Up until lately I had only been able to get info from the ships log but recently I wanted to get more information as he has passed and i wanted to have information for our children so I got on the internet www:// and was able to get much information as well as pictures of the ship and a recap of the battles they were in.

    • Thanks for the info

  12. Are Illinois registration records available for WWII? I’m looking for same for

    Joseph Michon and Zygfryd Oborski both of Chicago registering in 1942 or 3.

    • Record Image VIEW
      Add alternate information
      Report issue
      Name: Zygfryd Oborski
      Age: 23
      Gender: Male
      Birth Year: abt 1920
      Port of Departure: Honolulu, Hawaii
      Departure Date: 4 Jun 1943
      Ship: Republic

    • Name: Zygfrid Oborski
      Birth Date: 19 Jul 1919
      Birth Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
      Gender: Male
      Father: Adolph Oborski
      Mother: Mary Nedga
      FHL Film Number: 1308891

    • I found several records in Zygfryd Oborski

    • Found lots of records on a Joseph Michon. Need more info on date of birth. Did he ever live in Detroit?

    • Found a Draft registration card for Joseph Michon in Fold3 . He was born in Poland. Address on draft card was in Tamaroa Perry County Illinois. Next of kin was Katie Michon.

    • I am also a Connie and did some searching in but with out a little more definitive info, I thought I might be adding to the confusion so did not post any results. Birthdate and place as well as parent or spouse name are helpful when doing a ‘blind’ search. Hope you find the info you are wanting–it kind of makes one feel a close relationship to those from our past.

  13. Hello my name is Victoria louise Fox commonly known as Vicki.
    I am trying to find my Grandfather Wiiliam Arthur Fox ancestorys.
    My grandmother name is Florence May Parton she was born in Wales
    My grandfather was born in England. On my mothers side her mother
    was called Florence Margaret James my grandfather was called Keith
    Edward Dibbs my mother was called Brenda Margaret Dibbs.
    She married my father William Lewellyn Fox he was born in Vancouver
    Canada British Columbia they moved to Neutral Bay Sydney Australia.
    I was born in the mater hospital north sydney nsw australia.Please
    help me find my family history.

    • Vicki Fox, I would help you but I do not subscribe to any ancestry records except for those in the USA

    • Vicki, I can help you. Found marriage license for William Arthur Fox and Florence Mae Parton. They were married 14 June 1923 in the Province of B. C. He was 24 and she was 23. Marriage took place at St. Matthews Church of Abbotsford, B. C. He was an electrician and she was a stenographer .
      Parents of William listed as George Fox and Mary Frost. Parents of Florence listed as John Parton and Sarah Ann Edwards. I got a weird feeling when I saw the name Parton. I am African American , however my DNA results includes 10% Great Britain AND my paternal G-G G grandmother was Emily Parton. She was born in 1810 and the first records I found on her she was already in the United States so I have only 1870 and 1880 census records . States she was born in Virginia. This part of my family is categorized as mulatto. How can you be reached via e-mail etc…


  14. FYI
    The fire in the St LOuis archives also destroyed Army Records for a large number of those that served during the Korean conflict (1950-19550

  15. Not Interested at this time! Please remove me from email list.

  16. searching for my grandfather:

    Jose Andrade
    born 1891
    place Santa Maria Azores Portugal
    Imigrated to US 1911

    • SEARCHED via—many Jose Andrade during that time frame…this very well might be your grandfather

      Jose M Andrade
      in the Massachusetts, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1820-1963
      Record Image VIEW
      Add alternate information
      Report issue
      Name: Jose M Andrade
      Gender: Male
      Nationality: Portuguese
      Birthdate: abt 1889
      Birth Place: Carreira, St Maria
      Age: 21
      Port of Departure: St Michaels, Azores, Portugal
      Ship Name: Sannio
      Arrival Date: 9 Oct 1910
      Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
      Friend’s Name: Manuel P Barros
      Last Residence: St Maria

  17. Looking for Weldon J. Stevenson, Local Board 102, Plymouth, Michigan. Volunteered first draft for US Army enlistment.

  18. Does your capability allow search of Medal Of Honor recipients back to Civil War? TV show on AHC has Secrets Of the Arsenal reports the very first MOH and my GGGrandfather received the MOH for his action at Vicksburg when very, very young. General Phillip Sheridan recommended him for the MOH. Orion Persius Howe He was enrolled in Army’s West Point but was only in his teens without much schooling. Got a medal late in 19th century that looks nothing like the MOH recipients receive now. Pinned on and not a blue neck ribbon. Does the DOD have numerical record of what number MOH was given to my uncle??? Thanks, Thor

  19. Thor, here’s what is published in “Medal of Honor Awards, 1863-1963, re Orion P. Howe:
    Rank & Organization: Musician, Co. C, 55th Ill. Inf.
    Place & Date: Vicksburg, MS, 19 May 1863.
    Entered Service at: Waukegan, IL.
    Birth: Portage Co., Ohio.
    Date of issue: 23 April 1896.
    Citation: A drummer boy, 14 years of age, severely wounded and exposed to a heavy fire from the enemy, he persistently remained upon the field of battle until he had reported to Gen. W.T. Sherman the necessity of supplying cartridges for the use of troops under command of Col. Malmborg.

  20. Harry “Bud” Talmadge, Jr. … Just joined and looking for anyone who might remember my dad. I remember going to army reunions at Black Rock State Park in Watertown for a few years. He was a staff sargeant, but I don’t know in what area. Would love to hear from anyone who might have known him. He passed away in 1978 and I miss him so much.